Saturday, March 14, 2009

Polite Canadians??

Spankedhortic asked:
Over the years I have met a few Canadian kinksters, when they have been visiting this side of the pond. They very often seem to me to be less guarded about their lifestyles than we Europeans and even those from the USA. Is this a result of living in a less oppressive society? Is Canada, as a whole, comparatively more excepting of those of alternative lifestyles than other western countries?

That's a really tough question for me to answer Spankedhortic... because quite truthfully i am not sure. (and again i can only try to answer the question from my point of view)....

i know that i am very guarded about my lifestyle - because of my profession. Being outted as someone who likes to be tied up and beaten is not exactly something i would put on a CV for a new job....... Sir on the other hand is not as worried - his friends/co-workers are more or less aware of His lifestyle.

A few examples of kinky tolerance here in the Great White North - at least my end of it...

This past February we did have a Sex convention open to the public at our Convention center.. (Sir and i didn't go - but Sir has been before and He said it was mostly sex toys and sexy lingerie) BUT this year they were going to have "Le Dungeon" and people would be encouraged to come and ask questions of the kinksters who were attending the booth - and performing kinky acts. Sir and i were asked if we would take part in the demos.. i was told i could wear a costume and a mask.... BUT .. as everyone knows that i am with Sir... it seemed pointless to cover my identity. So we didn't participate.

There used to be a Kinky Club right next door to a police station - and kinky folk would walk by in all their glory to enter the club. You can't tell me the police didn't have a clue what was going on......... but they seemed to turn a blind eye.

Sir and i belong to a "community club" in our Nation's Capital. Twice a month they have BDSM evenings. This is a legal "club" and listed as being a private club for alternate lifestyles. BUT i know for a fact most don't publicize their involvement for the same reasons i don't. Being a private club with "dues to pay" seems to cut them some slack.

i also know that swingers clubs are now tolerated and semi legal here in Canada - which some seem to think brings us one step closer to having BDSM clubs accepted?? tolerated?? semi-legal???

Is Canada less oppressive than other countries?? Are we??? Is it our innate "politeness" (often joked about - sometimes maligned) that makes us seem more open?? Perhaps it is just our desire to mind our own business and let others mind theirs........

i don't feel i answered your question very well Spankedhortic - but unfortunately it is the best i can do.


  1. good answer little one! as another Canadian, I would like to add that the late great prime minister Trudeau said it perfectly (and it still largely holds in our Great North attitude today) - "the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation". while trudeau was defending the decriminilization of homosexuality, the saying holds with consensual acts between adults - of any flavour!

  2. An excellent observation on the subject. There is one thing that I did not think about when I asked this question, and that is, that as far as I can tell, you come from the more densely populated southern end of Canada. Most of the kinky Canadians that I have met, although many had moved away from their places of origin, did originate from more isolated communities further north. This may cause a difference in attitude in the population of the great white north, Canada is a large country people must have very different influences on their lives from one region to the next.



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