Sunday, October 28, 2007

Birthday Spanks

One of my great loves that dates back to the days when Sir and i were new.. and He didn't always flog me or whip me etc.. was the old tradition of birthday spanks ! i knew i was guaranteed a fairly good number of birthday swats on that one special day of the year!!

Only one problem.. i am a masochist...... so how do you give a masochist enough spanks to fulfill .. maybe even surpass the number.. and STILL stick to the 30 or so swats (cough cough) needed for the birthday?? (have i lost you yet?? )

This weekend i had requested (not so much because it was my birthday .. but more because the "need monster" had grown inside me again) lots and lots and LOTS of spanks. Sir has been doing his best to fulfill my "birthday wish"......... And he had a brilliant idea.. a nasty evil brilliant idea !!! Don't start off slow with nice lil toys.. don't be kind or gentle or GOS... go for the flow .. immediately.

So on Saturday morning......... before we headed off for my family birthday party .......... Sir instructed me to wear the tack bra........... kind of like a meat tenderizer.. get the "meat" prepared for thrills later on...............

Now there is a definite problem wearing a tack bra in the vanilla world........... the family don't know.. it is "mom's" birthday..... so lots and lots of tight loving hugs are in order.. can i say OUCH?? The other wee problem .. who is quite wee.. is baby grandson, who quickly became bored of sitting around a table listening to a bunch of grownups chatting..... granny.. being the devoted loving granny i am .. picked him up and took him for a walk.. which involved a lot of baby squishing granny's boobs in his attempt to climb up and out of granny's arms........ oh joy oh joy !!! (all of this gives a whole new meaning to joyous birthday celebrations)

(warning - this bit is not for the faint of heart !!)

When we came home Sir had me go and fetch the tack paddle........ my heart went flip flop.. tack paddle??? There was no denying Sir my birthday spanks with the implement of His choice !!! BUT i will be honest, He was loving enough to warm me up with the reverse side of the tack paddle before He got down to "business". At one point i felt Sir swing .. hit.. and lift.. and as the paddle was lifted from my ass, i could hear?? or feel?? the tacks popping out of my skin...over and over i felt the impact.. the lifting and hear the pop pop sound of the tacks being yanked out of my ass.....

Before bed (later in the evening) Sir decided that the cane.. the swishy ouchy bendy cane should be used to finish the birthday spanks. Originally Sir wanted (thought about??) using it on my breasts - but after watching me pale at the thought, Sir stuck with the ass...

on the already tenderized pulverized ass....
trust me when i say a swishy ouchy bendy cane across a tenderized ass is something everyone should experience.. (or not !)

But as i went to bed i wondered if i had had the prescribed number of "birthday spanks".. Truthfully - even though the number is way over 30... it wouldn't have been enough to satisfy this masochist.. so what is to be done??

i have a couple of suggestions for further birthdays.......
1) the number of years X the number of toys
2) the number of years X the number of minutes -- which might still not be enough
3) the number of years X the toys X every Dom who has ever felt he/she owed me a swat.
Now that ONE might just work... cause trust me when i say...... i have tempted more than a few doms to pick up a paddle and have a go on my ass...... (smiling sweetly at Buffalo)

And so my birthday has come to an end.............. today we are off to a model train show and then home to drakor and contracts and house cleaning..................


  1. One should be careful of what they wish.

  2. heyyyyyyyyyy Buffalo.........

    see it?? see me wiggling it..

    i am very very safe.. you are there i am here..

    cheeky grin

    morningstar (owned by Warren)
    co-owner of drakor


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