Monday, October 15, 2007

sunday brunch

Quite by accident i found My Bottom Smarts on Saturday morning - right after Friday's LOL. Yesterday i popped in to see what else was going on.. and lo and behold...Bonnie was hosting a Sunday Brunch!! It would appear that this is a weekly event ! i really do admire Bonnie's creativity in finding and posting questions / ideas for blog entries.. i mean come on folks.. everyone gets a case of writer's block from time to time..

This Sunday's topic of discussion was:

Have you a favorite room in your home or a favorite piece of furniture where spankings most often occur? Does the location ever depend upon the purpose of the spanking? Do the implements or rituals change when spankings are performed in different rooms? If you could construct your ideal spanking room, how might it look?

unfortunately as i had already posted a rather long picture intensive post on our house boy.. and because i seem to have picked up some rather weird and wonderful bug i decided to save my contribution to the discussion until today..........

My favourite room and favourite piece of furniture is a no brainer actually.. the play room and the St Andrew's cross of course !! The cross has been my preferred piece of equipment for over 7 years now..... ever since the very first time i went to a public play party and there it sat.. in the middle of the play area.. calling my name. A couple of years later, when Sir and i were together... a club was closing and they had a St Andrew's cross up for sale..... Sir bought it and we brought it home in the back of the station wagon.

But Sir never restricts himself to just one room to spank or play. Often times He will pick "the toy of the day" and bring it upstairs and lay it over the ottoman. Then as the spirit moves Him, he will have me lay over the ottoman and use the selected toy. He has also created THE GAME.. where i lay over the ottoman while we watch a TV show...... each time an ad comes on my ass gets whooped... watch the show.. commercial time - whoop the subby's ass .. rinse and repeat...

As far as rituals changing.. i would say the more serious play is always done in the play room....... those are the times i am most likely to join my fairies... and dance among the stars. Also in the playroom Sir is more likely to use a wider selection of toys.. usually working his way down the wall of toys... making sure that i get a taste of each different sort..... from floggers.. to canes.. to crops.. to paddles.. to tawses and finally the whips.

As for constructing my ideal spanking room....... i think i already have it in the play room downstairs..... i can't think of one thing i would add to the room...
all the toys are hung on one wall in groupings (floggers together.. tawses together .. well you get the idea).. there is a small shelving unit that holds the "other" toys.. the sparklers.. the vibrators.. the candles..the clamps etc...
As well in the playroom there are a number of large pieces of equipment that can be used.. everything from a spanking bench - to a kneeling bench - to a pony and of course the Cross. i am a very lucky subbie !!!

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