Saturday, October 13, 2007

Late again

WHY is it i always seem to be a day late and a dollar short???

Yesterday dear friends was LOL day.. what is LOL day you may ask??

Yup.. love our lurkers day... Over at My Bottom Smarts Bonnie decided - apparently but i missed it - to declare Friday Oct 12th the day to celebrate all our lurkers.. the ones who slip in quietly read and leave.. with not even a "by your leave" comment on the way out the door..........

Everywhere i went this morning i discovered people were celebrating LOL day and i missed it (see me sulk?? see me pout??)

So rather than be left out completely.. i am celebrating in my usual way.. a day late and a dollar short.....

(tomorrow - or later tonite - i will explain what it was Sir and i were doing that kept me away from the pc and caused me to be late for the celebration!! )


luna said...

*waves* Any day is a good day to celebrate Lurkers! Hi there :)

searabbit said...

I am extending it to the full ween end, probably... as nothing big have to be related on my side of the town... ;-(
See me pout????

Bonnie said...


Come as you like, you're always welcome to join in. Thanks for adding your voice to our Love Our Lurkers delebration.

With warm regards,


Not so much a lurker, as a first time visitor. "a day late and a dollar short" can't turn the clock back but there is always a dollar to spare.


Anonymous said...

im a couple days late, but i do read you regularly and i love your blog! i have commented before, so i guess im just a partial have a wonderful day! *hugs* Hisflower

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I qualify as a lurker but I'm waving anyway. I'm a rebel like that. :-)


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