Monday, June 05, 2006


Have you ever done something and asked yourself afterwards WHY???
i do that more times than i care to admit. This weekend was no exception....

Sometime last week .. when i was hunting for something or other in my desk at work... i spotted two paper clips in my drawer that got me to wondering what they would feel like clamped to my pussy...... At the time i thought "now where did THAT idea come from??" and then just as quickly moved on to what i was doing. But on Friday afternoon as i was leaving for the weekend - i scooped up the two clips and brought them home. Now these are not normal paper clips - they are designed to hold a mess of papers tightly together..

Now it wasn't bad enough i brought the above mentioned clips home.. i told Sir i had brought them home !!! Sometime Saturday afternoon Sir ordered me to bring Him the clips........ the look of glee on His face was something to behold... Immediately He ordered me to lie down and "spread 'em"... Now this fun little fantasy i had had all week over these two clips was about to become reality.. and truthfully i wasn't all that sure i was ready for that !!! Sir had just finished shaving me and liberally applying the Gold Bond Medicated powder (which in and of itself is quite a sensation!! and also explains what the white powder is in the picture below)..... He firmly grasped first one lip - applied clip - grasped the other lip and applied the final clip. Talk about your instant burn !!! i closed my eyes and just went with the feelings........ i loved it! i can not deny it.. it was an amazing wonderful feeling. Even the removal was something i will remember for a long time.. one of those "oh my god mother blankety blank blank that hurts so good!!!" feelings.

But it all leaves me wondering what made me even think about perverting these clips .............. and what other secret joys lie hiding in my desk..........


  1. I was once ordered to find some rubber bands in my desk drawer at work and wrap them around my nipples. The pain was delicious and like fire. My nipples remained sensitive for a couple of days later. I loved it all.

    That's a great picture, by the way.

  2. anna...

    you should have seen the pic that showed the indentation left by the clips it was even better..

    Owner of morningstar

  3. mmm, you know, I have been coming to the conclusion that it doesn't take much "thought" at all.. you can pervert pretty much anything *lol*... very few things do I find only a single use for anymore!

  4. Anonymous10:39 am

    I hate those clips. Hate em hate em hate em.

    I love that picture though. :-)

    Do we get to see the other one, please? Pretty please?


  5. Anonymous8:20 am

    Oh My! I have two sets of those in my purse, taken from my desk also. 1 set is the same size, then a smaller size (VERY painful).. I have had them on my nipples... OUCH.. give that a try..hehehe


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