Saturday, June 03, 2006

a little sexy fantasy....

i just finished reading "Emma's Secret Diaries" - oh it is a bit of fluff really... but parts of it were so ... umm.. arousing (to me anyway!!) Cloud had asked me which part was my favourite and i didn't answer him because i was already planning out a blog post on the subject.........
And so for your reading pleasure...... here are my thoughts on a very small portion of this book:

".. i was kneeling naked on the bottom edge of a large bed ... the other girl was kneeling naked beside me. Our wrists were fastened half way up the bed poles so that our arms were stretched out. A bit had been forced into our mouths and was held there by a strap fastened at the back of our necks. Two big bit rings at the corners of our mouths linked the bits and the straps. Also attached to the rings were braided leather reigns that led back to the small of our back. These leather straps could be pulled and make us raise the back of our heads, pull back our shoulders, dip our waists and push back and raise our buttocks.
Another pole, almost on the edge of the bed, had been fastened behind our knees, holding them quite still and keeping our buttocks raised over the edge of the bed.
My right ankle and the other girl's left one were tied to a strap at the end of the pole that ran behind our knees. Our buttocks were thus forcedly held apart. "

i looked and looked for a picture that would come close to depicting that scene...... the closest i came was this one:

trust me when i say this very position conjures up all sorts of wonderful images for me. i believe it is the feeling of vulnerability .. of the total exposure. i have spent many a night this past week fantasizing about being tied to the bed in such a fashion... forced up and open and waiting....... i close my eyes and can see myself in such a position with Sir standing just behind me cane in hand... my mouth gagged so He does not have to listen to my whining and pleading ....... everything there for His taking .... i can even see the "toys" lined up on the table.. from the smallest vibrator to the biggest.. from the smallest butt plug to the biggest

(have i ever mentioned i HATE plugs.. run screaming every time they are mentioned.. and for some reason if and when Sir does use even the smallest one on me i cringe and cry and act like such a "virgin" for lack of a better term.. and yet here i am daydreaming about being bound and all manner of toys being used on me.. including the dreaded butt plug........ now i ask you.. what IS that about??!!!)

i can see Sir using the cane or the flogger or the snake whip on my ass.. stopping only long enough to bring me to orgasm - denying it - and returning to the beating... and then once i am flying.... out there on the edge.. feeling Sir lubing me up.. feeling the butt plug sliding in .. twisting and turning until it is firmly embedded in me.. feeling the vibrator being inserted... turned on.. feeling the intense heat building inside my belly.... wanting /needing / begging through the gag to cum.......... being denied... and feeling the cane fall again and again across my ass and tops of my thighs.......

Well i am sure you all get the picture.........and that dear Cloud was my favourite bit of the book !!!!

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  1. I often realised that I was attracted to what I fear the most... like a challenge... something to go over... I had so many fears and limits when I came back in D/s, left by that so bad first experience 12 years ago... I was a Master's challenge on my own...;-) Now, I'm often almost crying about the lack of limits pushing I'm in to... I want more... and more... and more... and I want to go further than I never been... what should I do to get what I want so much??? maybe read more of those books... ;-))


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