Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sunday dawned cloudy and cold and i really was gritting my teeth to get through the weekend without taking Sir's head off in an un-subbie like tantrum...

We got organised and headed off to see the RCMP Musical ride........the wind was blowing a gale....... i swore it was cold enough to snow........ and the field where the Ride was to take place was literally a bog!!! i managed to slide in the mud and fall on my ass.. most undignified !!! Sir climbed the bleachers to the very top with me trudging along behind Him with my heart pounding........ (i am absolutely TERRIFIED of heights!!) Sir tried to get me to move into the seats.. but my feet just wouldn't move.. i kept looking down through the gap in the boards .. and could not move... He moved down one row.. still i couldn't move.. another row.. and finally down three rows and Sir would not take no for an answer.. so i gulped and tentatively stepped onto the board and edged my way along.. praying that the whole contraption wouldn't collapse. It was well worth the cold... the fall.. and the climb......... the Musical Ride was amazing !! Sir honestly thought i only went along to please Him.. (despite Rule #1 - the Dom is never wrong.. Sir was wrong this time!!!) And to make the event even more pleasant the sun came out for the hour we were there (and i have the sun burn to prove it !!)

Now i am not entirely sure what happened.. but the weekend that was cold and wet and dull.. was starting to sparkle ..........
maybe it was the fresh air..
maybe it was all those horses........
maybe it was all those whips........ (ok ok so there weren't any whips...but horses and whips do go together no??)
But when we were driving home Sir announced that as soon as we got home it was down to the playroom for me.. He was in need of a good session........ (HE was in need of?? god so was i !!)

The whip came out first.. which is why i think there was some connection between the horses and the session........ Sir almost never starts with a whip.... and Sir decided that it would be fun to try a little target practice on my breasts with the whip....... i was so scared the damn thing would cut across my face.. but of course it didn't !! Sir did manage to land a couple of hits dead on on my poor nipples........... i really do have to remind Sir that my breasts aren't supposed to be flogged or whipped or have anything painful done to them.......... geeeeeeeeez.. it's only supposed to happen when i am in the mood.. isn't it???

Then there were at least 3 floggers used.. especially the one that stings like a thousand bees....... then both tawses.... ugh both !!!......... and the cane.. and the whip again....... and then Sir whispered in my ear and reminded me it had been ages since the paddle had been used......... i just nodded in agreement........ there comes a point in time when there are no words in my head.. well no intelligent words ..............

and so it happened that the weekend turned out well......... there were no nasty unsubbie like tantrums.... (unless you can count my stamping my foot over having my breasts whipped) ....... and as with all "fairy" tales .. they all lived happily ever after!!!

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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like it all ended well... I am glad for you both. :-)



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