Monday, June 19, 2006

Questionable photo ops

Anyone remember the original chopstick blog entry - where i talked about how Sir had to have all these different coloured chopsticks - BECAUSE - it would be such a great photo opportunity??

Well last week .. i am in the dollar store and i come across these clamps - remember the two black ones i brought home from work a while back??? Anyway.. i saw these coloured clamps (Sir has informed me they are called "bull dogs") and i decided as a "JOKE" i would buy a package of the multi coloured ones.... and give them to Sir making a crack about photo ops....... clever subbie right?? cute idea right??? shoot me now !!!

When i gave them to Sir on Friday He sorta kinda maybe laughed.. and i thought to myself "ok ok it was my idea of a joke..and obviously wasn't all that funny"
Well fast forward to Saturday evening, play party, and Sir wanting to get the ball moving ...... "Fetch the clamps" was the order... and i distinctly remember thinking "the clamps??!!! You mean the JOKE???!!" yup He meant the joke.. the clamps.. the bull dogs.... two on each pussy lip.. two on each breast.. and then i was sent to give a tour of the play areas with a couple of newbies.... Now i ask you!!! how did Sir expect me to walk up and down the stairs with this metal clips clanging against each other????
Sir also decided to take pictures of these clamps .... on my pussy .. on my breasts....
Now fast forward again to Sunday morning.. and Sir reviewing the pictures.. and alas alack!!! They were blurred. "Gotta do them again " Sir announces.. and i am thinking.. WHY????!!!!!

Well i believe i had 4 of those bull dogs clamped to my pussy lips.... and the rest clamped around my breast. Then Sir removed the four from the pussy and put them around the breasts.. All in the name of "photo op"!!!! Remind me to never ever again .. jokingly or seriously .. come up with an idea for a "photo op" ok????

Quite seriously .. the putting on.. the walking around with them on.. the breathing with them on.. was nothing - nothing i say !! .. compared to the taking off............. Anyone who thinks that these cute lil colourful bull dogs don't have much bite........... examine this picture.. one off.. one to go.... subbie holding breath..........


  1. You look good in red. ;)

  2. I had seen those clips, and thought about getting them for the office... Don't think I will - wouldn't want Him to see them and get ideas... or, maybe I would...?

  3. Hmmm what other office supplies do you have in your office that you have not told yor Sir about?

  4. Anonymous1:03 am

    Amazing effect... ;-)


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