Saturday, August 12, 2017

Noise Noise Noise

I wonder how many others suffer from noise noise noise......... sometimes I think it is only me -- but I am not that special!  lots of folks suffer from social anxiety -- and panic attacks -- SO there must be folks who suffer from noise noise noise.

Some days I feel like the Grinch and I can his voice saying " oh the noise noise noise!".  

I love the campsite -- but there is always noise -- always someone calling 'hello' or 'nice day' or some other noise.  The only time it's quiet -- just me and nature - is early in the morning.  (and sometimes - rarely - but sometimes in the evening) I can feel my heart slow down -- feel my breathing level out -- feel calm settle in my soul.

And I realize I need the quiet times to formulate my words for here.  I need space to write my blog.  AND I don't really have much of either at the campsite.  Someone left a comment the other day that said "worried about you are you ok"  

I AM ok -- I learning to adust to the noise and to people.  I spent 2 years in my lil apartment going days without talking to anyone -- days without any noise.  I don't think it was very good...... makes rejoining society more difficult I think.  

So if I am quiet around here -- it's mainly cause my soul is desperate for quiet -- desperate for peace -- desperate to be alone with my thoughts. (not something that thrills Sir Steve - trust me -- he doesn't much like the voices in my head) 

I will try to write more -- my heart is full so there's lots to write about ..............


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abby said...

Those voices exist in my head also..and M does not much like it....but they are always right there just waiting...
hugs abby

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