Monday, September 05, 2016


I live by schedules -- it's just who I am.

BUT when Hands is scheduled to visit especially for 'private time' my schedules are like my bible.

They start with one simple mark 
* the day He is coming

Then they get more complex --
The day before he is due I list
*clean the house (about 2 hours)
*pick up groceries needed (about 30 minutes)
*manicure/pedicure (about 2 hours)

The day he is coming it breaks down to more detail
* touch up the house  (about 30 minutes)
* shave, shower, hair, make up (about an hour)
* select dress (that involves trying on any number of outfits -- and can take forever!)
*set the table (about 5 minutes)
* prepare meal (usually about 20 minutes)

If you take a look at the total number of minutes devoted to getting ready -- it really doesn't fill up much of a day... 
BUT one thing you need to know -- by the day before I have great trouble focusing on the task at hand....... the day he is coming I am useless -- totally!!

BUT my schedules help me accomplish what I need to -- and help me count down the hours, then the minutes till Hands rings the bell....... and that is a very good thing.

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