Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Sentiments

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Blondie said...

okay, I have a question for you. I have to give the example first though.

So there are two couples, Bob and Barb and Jane and John. These two couples are really close, not just as friends but as neighbors. Plus they are all very involved in the fetish lifestyle. Bob and Barb are happily married, they have older children (only a high schooler living at home). He is a retired cop and she has some side business she runs out of her home. The other couple, John and Jane are also happily married, retired, no children around and they have their own dungeon. John is also Jane's Master. They are all into the S/M dynamic too and will have fun, whenever they want in the dungeon.
The thing is, John is also Barb's Dominant and not her husband's. He is her top, plaything, wife, etc. And even though Bob is very dominant, there is not a D/s relationship in that house. And I know that he is very respected as a top and is Dominant in that role.
They seem to all be happy with this relationship. What do you think? It is something that would work?
Personally I like the idea.

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