Friday, May 06, 2016

Second Sweetest Thing

Do you ever hold on to something / someone long past the "overdue" date?? 

I think I tend to do that some times...... I hide when I see problems - pretend everything is ok - and just carry on........ 

BUT things had changed between The Sadist and I a few weeks ago.  I felt it / sensed it.  BUT pretended everything was ok - until pretending didn't work anymore.  

Angel and I talked about my feelings - and she had all sorts of reasons why I might be feeling this way - and then I guess I said - "I will just let it die a natural death" meaning he probably wouldn't contact me again and I wouldn't have to do or say anything.

BUT Angel is not a sit by and let things happen kinda girl - she told me to write him - to put it out there - "take control DAMMIT" I think she said (small smile)

And so I spent a long sleepless night weighing my words - and yesterday morning sent off an email to The Sadist.  

His response surprised me a bit - he wanted to come and talk about it.

My response to that email was typical "morningstar" ........ I thought I was gonna throw up.

Angel called me - she offered to come and be with me - but I said no I would do this "hard stuff" alone - but could I call her when he had gone 

(God as I write this I sound like a bloody teenager in high school - or neurotic!!)

Anyway The Sadist came - and you know what - I am glad he did - I am glad he made me sit down and talk with him...... it's all part of being "grown up" right?? 

The long and short of the conversation was we parted friends - and laughing........ which when you think about it is a wonderful way to end a relationship....... friends laughing.

BUT that isn't what this blog entry is really about....... 

The Sadist sent me an email in the afternoon - he told me Angel had sent him a message - and he said " ............ perhaps you both need to be as strong for yourselves as you are for each other.  You two worry so much about the other.... but maybe that's what a best friend is really about" 

I sat smiling at that bit - I cut and pasted it to Angel - she wrote back "that's the second sweetest thing anyone said today" 

I thought it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said about Angel and I 


AngelsQuest said...

When you put it in the context of what people have said about us, it is the sweetest thing I've heard. It was a nice observation to have that reflected back to us.

morningstar said...

it was nice to have it reflected back - obviously some people get the depth of the friendship - see past their fantasies (cheeky grin)

Blondie said...

That was really observant of him. It's a great thing, to have a best friend, especially if you both are in the lifestyle.

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