Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Count Down

I woke up Monday - and before my eyes were even open the thought "it's THIS week" screamed in my head.  Thursday is my cancer test - and possible surgery.

I know - from experience - if I don't keep busy I will just sit and chew on my nails - not be able to eat - and stare off into space........ worrying and stressing.

So I went to the gym and worked hard straining my weary muscles
I cleaned the kitchen - even scrubbing the stove
I did 3 loads of laundry 
I gave myself a manicure 

with no enthusiasm - but I have to keep my hands busy....... 

I am going to ask you all to be a little patient with me if there isn't much of interest on The Journey this week......... I am just trying really really hard to get through each day - one minute at a time.


Lilac said...

Try meditation . It will help you calm. You can't make yourself busy all the time. Because as soon as everything gets quiet, your fear will come in again . The only way to find peace is inside you.

Lea said...

Keeping busy I find does help. As does focused meditation. I have an app on my phone called "Calm" that helps me.

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