Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mending Bridges

After a few years of estrangement from my family - of missed birthdays and holidays - we have all been working very hard to mend the bridges.  

Christmas was the first big step.  "Grandma" went down and stayed for almost a week........... and it was (as I have told you before) the most amazing holiday.... lots of laughter and memories and love.

This past weekend was my eldest daughter's 40th birthday (GOD 40!!!  it doesn't seem possible!! )  Youngest daughter planned and pulled together a surprise party .......... and I went down with my toothbrush ........... 

It was an amazing time again - I didn't believe we could top Christmas with the laughter and teasing and fun - but we did !!!  We are healing - and becoming a happy family again....... all of us are healing and mending bridges.  And in my opinion THAT is the best gift we can give each other 

AND of course I took my camera - mom the family photographer - the pest with the camera.  But everyone just ignores me and lets me click away - both daughters tend to threaten me with "don't you dare post that to Facebook MOM!!"   and I usually ignore them and do it anyway (cheeky grin) After all - it's a Mom's job to embarrass them right?? 

got a couple of pics to share - I am so proud of my daughters and the lives they are carving out for themselves............ 

 I love this one - "sisters" laughing and teasing - sweetest music one can listen to in my humble opinion

there's something about this one that touches a chord in me...... it's a bit arty farty .... and it tells a story of my daughters..... it is a place in time I have always hoped for - shared moments between the two of them... laughter and love and sisterhood.  

AND of course the whole party wouldn't be complete without the birthday cake!!  homemade by youngest for eldest........ 

I am so proud of both of them - of their determination, strength and understanding  -  and especially of their open arms welcoming me back - loving me despite of the mistakes I made in the past ........ love is a very healing poultice

Life really is good !!


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