Monday, January 11, 2016

Kissing the Frogs

After the "frog" issue - I took my profile down on POF.   I was discouraged and a little bit scared,.....

But I had ongoing "getting to know you" type messages on POF.  I wrote to each of them and told them my profile was down ........ but if they were still interested in talking with me I would log on to answer emails.  I also made it very clear - VERY CLEAR - I was not looking for a quick fuck.  

Boy did the interested messages whittle down quickly after that line!!

But there was one - "the dreamer".  I had left him a very cheeky challenge before I left for Christmas.  I told him I had tattoos and a piercing... and he could spend the holidays trying to figure out where the piercing was.

When I came home and read what I had written I was shocked - even a little ashamed.  After all - it sounded like a major come on - and I had just written I wasn't looking for a quick fuck,,,,,,,,,,, ugh what was wrong with me??!!!  Why do I let the bratty side of me come out to play before I know someone - really know someone??!!

Well he answered that email on Friday night.  He didn't mention the piercing challenge really - but he did suggest it was time we met.  He also made it very clear he wasn't looking for a quick fuck.  I sat staring at his message .......... and the voices in my head kept saying "yeah of course he would say that !!!  YOU told him about your piercing - YOU lowered yourself to a level you can't play in!!"  

BUT Saturday I answered his request to call him.  We chatted for a few minutes on the phone and made plans to meet for coffee.  I tend to get swept up in the moment.... and don't always take time to think it through.  

I texted mini me - not sure why - but we tend to share questionable meet ups so the other knows what we're doing.  I shared I was nervous - getting cold feet.  She said it was JUST a coffee ............ and though she didn't say it - I heard "suck it up buttercup".

So I did suck it up and went.  He had mentioned during the phone call that if the coffee went well I could go back to his place for a spaghetti dinner and a movie.  I quickly said I didn't think I would do dinner - but would definitely do coffee.

When he walked into the coffee shop the first thought I had was "wow he's not very photogenic - he's much better looking in real life!" ..... We shared an early laugh (something about my screwing up the meeting time) and from there the ice was broken and we chatted freely.  

He made me feel so comfortable,  I realized I didn't want the coffee to end - I wanted to continue talking with him - continue getting to know him better.  His eyes held me in my chair - I loved looking in his eyes.  

I kept wondering if he would bring up the dinner offer again..... then I told myself why would he as I kinda shot down the offer........ then I told myself maybe - MAYBE - he would offer dinner another time.  

The chatting continued........ 

Then he looked at me - looked back down at his coffee cup and played with it - and quietly asked if I would be interested in having dinner with his place.  AND before I could answer he made it clear he only meant dinner and a movie - he didn't play  word games - dinner and a movie that's it !!

I said YES!  so we went shopping for food - my god he opened the car door for me !!  He held the shop doors open for me - he consulted with me what I liked to eat.. we laughed about no "green veggies" rule ..... he "threatened" he would have to teach me to eat greens... cause they were healthy for me.

We went back to his place.  He was a total gentleman.  I offered to help cut up veggies for the spaghetti sauce - he absolutely refused.  He poured me 1/2 a small glass of wine (he had listened about how I don't drink regularly and it hits me hard - so I only ever have 1/2 a glass) and put it on the dining room table... told me I could sit and chat with him while HE cooked dinner.  He told me how he loved to cook and how it had been a long time since he had had anyone to cook for.... 
(OH and I almost forgot - he told me to contact mini me and give her his home phone number and address if it made me feel more comfortable - he said he had nothing to hide and I should feel safe - I should have a "safe call" - ummmmmmmmmm was it possible??)

I felt so comfortable and relaxed (and it had nothing to do with that 1/2 glass of wine) 

We talked - my god how we talked.  Slowly he started dropping hints.......... how he had put eye bolts in the ceiling over his bed cause his wife enjoyed a little rope play (they're divorced)........ and slowly from that blatant hint we moved (over a period of hours) to talking about my piercing .......... and how he would love to take me to a club in Toronto and lead me around by a leash attached to my piercing (MY GOD!!  my knees went weak) He picked my brain - my likes and dislikes - he reassured me that there would always be a "safe" word in place - play should be fun - he didn't want me to be frightened - or feel threatened.

We never watched the movie ....... we did kiss - at first nice chaste sensual kisses...... by the time I was leaving the kisses were a little more intense - a little more passionate - a little more "take my breath away " in a good way !!

He walked me down to my car - made sure I got into it safely - waited at the door of the apartment until I pulled on to the street.

I promised to call him Sunday.......... we still have a movie to watch............ 

Maybe - just maybe - this frog will turn out to be a prince?



Hermione said...

He sounds like a possible keeper. Let us know how the next date goes.


Lea said...

How exciting! He sounds like this could go somewhere.

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