Friday, January 08, 2016

Just another Day


I woke up with a cold the other day - ughhhhhh - nothing interesting about a cold !!  I did go out to the gym because 1)  I have a few pounds to lose from the Christmas festivities and 2) I have heard sweating out a cold is good.  (What do I know??!!)

 Yesterday I went back to the gym (which isn't all that special) but I was feeling a wee bit better so YAY! for sweating out the cold germs.

By supper last night I was feeling worse - flu-like symptoms - sick tummy- achy bones - cold and hot at the same time.  Joy oh Joy! 

This morning I am back to a sniffly nose  - so back to the gym??? Honestly I haven't decided........ those pounds are still hanging over my head - but the body isn't that enthusiastic.

Finding something good in a sick day is not that easy - I tend to get angry when I am sick - even sniffles..... BUT I am working hard at finding some good in every day  - I guess the "good" in my last couple of days is that I can still get up and head out to the gym........ life could be much worse right???

AND on the brighter side - remember my "frog" from POF??? I was worried about how to break off contact - but didn't need to.... after the fiasco last week I haven't heard a word from him............ phew - no need to tell him holey socks are a big turn off for me (cheeky grin)

So - I am limping along - looking for good in every day.



Lea said...

I hope you feel better.

I'm also trying to slim down and get healthier (again!) If you can handle the gym and it makes you feel good, do it! I wouldn't think of it as a remedy for having a cold/flu though. Just do it in the moment and enjoy it.

I also find a hot shower perks me up!

Lilac said...

I don't think that going to the gym while you're having a cold or flu is a good idea. You need a lot of rest when you're having a cold or flu.

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