Friday, January 29, 2016

Fact or Fiction?

I have mentioned this before I am sure - but doesn't hurt to repeat things for clarification purposes............I was mostly raised by my grandmother who was EXTREMELY superstitious and as much as I have thrown off most of her 'teachings' there are still a few bits that hang around........... like horoscopes

OK OK I know they are mostly nonsense - especially the online ones which are more phony than a 3dollar bill...... but I still religiously read them every morning.  The pic above pretty much describes me to "T".   

Over the last few months my horoscope has been saying more and more how much more confidence I am going to gain........ how I will be seen as a sensual person - that sort of stuff........ and whether or not I am being seen as a "sensual person" by others I most definitely am feeling more sensual and more confident in my own skin as a sexual being. 

As most of you know - my dating has been mostly comprised of "frogs" ........ and ups and downs.  I date then the next day I am full of anxiety and self doubt.  (le sigh) my insecurities are tiring me out never mind my dear friends (right mini me??)

This mornings horoscope needs to be posted - if for no other reason than to remind me to breathe and believe in myself...... it said:

A sure confidence that all will be well, whatever happens, fills the air, and faith in yourself and others is exactly what will make that come true. A great day for starting things that require sustained confidence and follow-through. Mutual assurance breeds conviction and a platform for all to share.

so is it Fact or Fiction??  I guess only time will tell...............

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AngelsQuest said...

Pfft. I'm getting used to the cycle and know better how to ride it out and to help.

I enjoy horoscopes as well though I don't view them as much as I used to. I like Jonathan Cainer because of the way he writes them.

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