Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sappy Sunday

Sundays have always been the worst day to blog........ 

Some Sundays I am drained from some session or other with W........ and for one day at least I want to process the events .. and hold them close to my heart and not share... 
Some Sundays I am drained from the week - feeling sad and blue - and for one day at least I want to process and hold it close to my heart - lick my wounds and not share.....

So I had the bright idea - brilliant idea if you ask me (which - yeah yeah - I know - you didn't) to do a "Sappy Sunday"........ 'member I told you here that I love sappy hallmark sayings.... Well I decided that one day a week - most likely on Sundays - I will share my favourite sappy saying of the week......... (so you might want to avoid Sundays around The Journey - unless of course you want to see just how sappy my brain is!!)

"I may not be perfect - but I am always Me" struck a cord with me this week.  It is something my staff can't seem to understand.  I can't BE someone else.  God over my life time I have TRIED !!  Many many times. 

Problem is........ me.... is all I know.  ME is all I am.  So like it or not .. this is what you get.
I need to remember it too.  I am NOT perfect ........ but I slug along doing the best job I can.  I think - for the most part - I am a pretty neat person.  I rather like ME.  I think I am a person of integrity - I don't lie  - I am not very diplomatic..... I don't play games ....... I most definitely do NOT play politics....... Basically I guess I am a rather simple person.  What you see is what you get.

The same applies here to my blog...... I write the way I talk ..... I speak from the heart .... and always tell the truth (I learned a long time ago - to be a good liar you have to have a terrific memory - and I would rather fill my memory banks with happy thoughts/memories not lies I have to remember)

So this was a good sappy saying for me to remember this past week - I am who I am..... like it or not.


BlazngScarlet said...

I'm pretty well taken with you; and I like it!
Happy Sappy Sunday!

abby said...

I like it too. and am looking forward to your Sunday posts. abby

Ordalie said...

And we definitely like who you are!

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