Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life's Lessons

By now you have (I hope) all realized I am so much more than submissive - so much more than a masochist - so many different facets to make one person.

I have a nasty lil secret........ a failing some would say ........ I love "hallmark" sayings - you know the ones I mean - those sappy life lessons sayings - those sappy hallmark type card sayings.  Can't help it - I love them (well most of them) and they usually make me all teary eyed.  I come across them all over the net and sometimes I save them... rarely do I share them.......

BUT I came across one this morning that has had me thinking - long and hard about family - and I realized I share everything else with you folks - why not share some of the sappy "life lesson sayings" that make me all teary eyed....

"We are so busy growing up we often forget our parents are also growing older"

I have - over the last few years - struggled with how tired I get.  When I approached the subject with my doctor - she smiled - patted my hand - and asked IF I had cut anything out of my schedule??? She pointed out (not very diplomatically either) that to be as busy as I was when I was in my 30's and 40's is bound to make me tired now I am in my 50's and 60's (god how I HATE to admit I am in my 60's!!)

This morning I have been thinking about my mom - how she used to sneak a little nap on the sofa when she visited every afternoon.  How she would go and go and then just kinda poop out.  She died just after her 70th birthday.  And I realized this morning - she had boundless energy - IF - she got a little nap every afternoon......  I don't remember a time she didn't nap.  And I remember being surprised - god was I surprised - when we held her 70th birthday party.......... she was 70???!!!  How could that be??? She didn't seem any older to me - than when I was still living in her house.  

And it was the same with my grandmother (my second mother) who died in her 93rd year.  93 ??!!!  BUT she was the same in my mind as she had always been.......... when did she get so old??? Why didn't I notice???

I have been accused (ok maybe accused is a harsh word - but the only one that comes to mind right now) of not wanting to be with my girls.  It is essentially based on my last minute refusal to trek out to the Island for Thanksgiving dinner.  I was beaten up and beaten down.  I had spent the weekend in my pj's licking my wounds from all the stress in my life.

We talked last night (this daughter and me) and it was as though Thanksgiving had never happened.  And I realized this morning - she doesn't "see" me as growing older...... as not having the energy and fortitude I once had.  

So I guess I have come full circle - from the kid who couldn't believe the "moms" in her life were so old - to being the mom who is old ........ and does get weary.

"We are so busy growing up we often forget our parents are also growing older"

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Ordalie said...

How true! It is something we should keep in mind.

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