Monday, October 31, 2011

Riddle me a Riddle

What's black and white and red all over???

A newspaper of course........ (remember that riddle??)

So Saturday night was our Halloween party ....... and yes as you can clearly see I wore my new 'newspaper' corset.  Black and white ....... and even read by some... but most definitely I was red all over by the end of the evening.

I even had some black PVC thigh high stockings to complete the look.........

It was an interesting party - lots of the usual costumes....... zombies and devils and angels ......... honestly IF you are gonna play the game and dress up - why can't people show some ingenuity??? 

Anyway the evening started with a promised lesson on needle play.  A Dom friend of ours wanted W to give him some pointers on needle play.  His lil subbie was clearly very nervous  and I promised to stay by her side... I reminded her she could stop it any time and no one would tease her OR they would answer to me.  I kept the hoards at bay.... why oh why don't people get the point you don't walk into the middle of someone else's scene so you can get a better look????  The whole scene was a huge success and lil k was smiling contentedly when it was all over.  

W then suggested that we go and find some piece of equipment and whoop my ass.  Funny thing was - mentally - I wasn't all that sure I wanted my ass whooped... which is very weird for me.  I initially put it down to having to switch gears from protector to participant.  I had to chase some folks away from the 'ladder' we like to use - and laid out the toys.  W and I had an ok scene - unfortunately no one stood guard over our scene to stop folks from wandering into the middle ........ a couple of folks may have caught the tail end of the gorean whip as they wandered aimlessly past our area.  (sucks to be them!!)

After a little bit - I was suddenly aware I had this massive sore throat on the right sight of my throat.  I was enjoying the thud of the gorean whip and was floaty and silly - when W came over and told me he had pooped out and needed a rest.  Suddenly all the icky feelings I had been suppressing broadsided me.  I felt cold and shivery.  Again I didn't think much of it because that can happen (has happened ) when we play hard.  

But not long after I realized I wanted my bed... and wanted it NOW!  Everything was hurting  - the corset seemed to be choking me - my bones ached - my ass ached - my head ached.

So home we went where I fell into bed into a sound sleep.  Sunday morning I woke to a sore throat ..sore head.. sore bones... and hoarse squeeky voice.  Ahh well a cold is better than the gall bladder problems I had a year ago ...... 

One last picture from Saturday night.......... Maitre Ex had black lights all over the play space and of course all things white shone eerily .... W took a picture of my corset reflecting the black light effects..... with his camera phone .. and got  (what I think ) is an amazing picture !!!!!!!!! 

What was that??? Nothing to worry about - just a newspaper floating past........


Vixen4770 said...

Love it! Great originality!

drakor66 said...

My god you are thin guess i have not seen you naked in a while g

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