Saturday, October 15, 2011

Love - definitively defined!

I know what love is..... (actually i always have)........

It is NOT young puppy love.........
It is not flowers and music and hearts and kisses 

It is bottled water.

Yes I said "bottled water"

For the last few days out here on the West of the Great Island - there have been water troubles - and no one much was talking about them - just basically telling everyone to ignore the brown water coming out of their taps.

I didn't have brown water - I didn't worry

Last night - like every night - I did my thing and went for my bath and bed.  And like many of the last nights I woke at 3:30 and came on the pc - there was an email from W. 
DON'T DRINK THE WATER!!!  He said the news (something I rarely if EVER listen to or watch) was saying the water out here on the West of the Great Island was bad - nasty bad.  Don't drink it - don't brush your teeth with it - don't bother boiling it - that kind of bad.

I figured if it was THAT bad the city would have contacted us (they have this neat phone system where they can - with one phone call - leave messages/talk to every citizen ) I didn't get one.. their website stated it wasn't my area - so I calmly wrote back to W (at 3:30 am) I am fine don't worry - it isn't me.  Besides I had 2 glasses of water this evening and I am fine health wise. AND I wrote I am betting there won't be a bottle of water to be had in the shops.   Then I went back to bed.

At 7:50 when I woke up for good....... there was an email from W - DON'T DRINK THE WATER! And he added he was going to drive out here to the condo at 6 F--KING AM and drop off 2 big bottles of water he had in the house.  

I sleepily made my way downstairs - and there sitting on my kitchen counter were 2 BIG bottles of water.  No W.  He had turned around and gone home.  BUT I was now safe from germy creatures in the water.

That ladies and gents........ THAT is the definitive definition of what LOVE is !

I rest my case.


Mikki said...

You are absolutely right!!! Love it!

Buffalo said...

I could see myself getting up at that time of night to deliver a jug of water.

Wait. No I can't.

saffy said...

that made me cry........that is one special Man you have in your life. (((hugs))). Thanks for sharing

Baby Girl said...

Yup, you've found it! That is a beautiful love... :)

BlazngScarlet said...

Yes, that IS love.
So very sweet.

abby said...

BINGO!!! What a guy. abby

K said...

Yes it is and you're one LUCKY girl to have found it :o)

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