Saturday, August 06, 2011


I have come to the conclusion that anti-inflammatories make me irritable. Yeah really - it has to be that......... cause I have been really really irritable these last couple of days .... and normally I have such a sweet disposition - so yay it has to be the pills.

So let's talk about my pet peeves - cause ya all know - once I am off these damn pills I won't feel the need to discuss them anymore........ right??  right !

Feeling manipulated - I really hate feeling manipulated - and I hate - with a passion - watching someone else be manipulated.  Why can't they see what is going on?? am I the only one not wearing rose coloured glasses here!!

Being lied to - Come on !!!!!  do you honestly think I can' t/ won't see right through your lies???!!!  And making up more lies to cover the lies you have told doesn't work either... and ignoring the lies doesn't work either...... it just really really pisses me off !!

Whining / Begging -  A whiny voice (or begging voice ) will de-calcify my spine at 30 paces.  It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up - it makes me want to scream "DO YOU REALLY THINK WHINING WORKS?!"

Not taking responsibility - for your actions - your words - passing the buck - blaming everyone else / blaming life .  For god's sakes own up to your mistakes and MOVE ON !!

Living in the past -  filling your days with "what ifs" "could have beens" " would have beens" ...... leave the past where it belongs - in the PAST for god's sakes !  You may be dead tomorrow...... only today counts....... so make it count ! 

Gossip and gossipers - don't trust 'em - never will.  If they are gonna talk about someone to me behind their back - you can bet they will be talking about me next behind my back - wanna gossip - go find someone else to talk to!

Fucking up - I don't do it often - but god when I do - I do a top job of it.  And then it is really hard to make up for it.... apologize enough for it ... make it go away ...... cause ya know I may be ready to move on.......... but  the injured party may be far from ready to move on........... 

Self-pity / excuses- enough already !! Neither of those traits work - not for me and most certainly not for you.  You can't move forward if you are mired in self-pity and excuses.... it pisses me off.... kinda goes along with "take responsibility"

Ok I think I have run out of steam............ so I am gonna put the pet peeves back where they belong ......... in the dog house in the back of my mind.......... and get on with the weekend - W and I are going to yet another play party this weekend - though I will be going in long pants and knee brace - ummmmmmmm I wonder if knee braces could become the next "in" fetish??!!


Anonymous said...

I have the same list but would add people with "entitlement syndrome" (those who think their shit don't stink and they are entitled to everything in life just because without having to work for it like the rest of us.

Buffalo said...

Uh....never mind.

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