Monday, August 08, 2011

Perfection in pain

It was hot on Saturday - even hotter if possible - on Saturday evening.  As W and I entered the play event it felt like a sauna.  Warm bodies mixing with hot humid air.   The humidity attached itself to my skin like some energy sucker..... covering me from head to toe.  

W and I moved to the enclosed garden area in the back - there was a slight breeze that moved the humid heavy air around.  I knew that in this heat we more than likely would not be playing.  I knew 90% of the people attending would not be playing.  Heat exhaustion was one's worst enemy on Saturday evening.  

If there had been better lighting - I am sure most would have selected to play outside in the back garden - subs bent over garden walls and garden furniture.  White asses gleaming in the moon light.  BUT - there was no lighting outside.......... and playing in the dark creates it's own hazards - that most won't attempt to overcome.

So I was surprised when W suggested it was time to venture inside and play.  He made sure we both had bottles of liquid to re-hydrate during the session.  I stripped almost naked (not something I do very often - but I was hoping to find some relief from the silk sticking to my skin) I clung to the wood rungs of our favourite "ladder" in almost desperation.  I didn't know how well this was going to work....... I didn't know how long it was going to last .. I didn't know if we could pull this off.... 

W selected the leather paddle with the blue rose embossed in the center as the warm up toy.  He swatted my ass a couple of times ........... it didn't feel right.  It's so hard to explain with words........ it hit and stung - and stuck there............ I almost wondered if W had let go.... if the paddle would have just remained permanently stuck to my ass by the humidity.  The paddling became a chorus of hit....... pull off... hit again.  It was a little unnerving.

Then other toys followed ......... some false starts - like with the dragon's tongue - just too intense on wet sticky skin.  But for the most part one toy flowed naturally into the next toy........ ratchet up the toys - ratchet up the pain.... watch the subbie climb the ladder.............. watch her body arch and hang there - then shudder and collapse back down from the orgasms........

Then the knives skipped over my skin - rather than sliding almost effortlessly up and down my back ............ The burning scratching feeling of the points was almost too much - almost. 

And then - when I thought I was done - completely done - muscles shaking from the intensity -  I felt the gorean whip. 

Three - 3foot long - falls attached to a wooden handle - a challenge for Dominate and sub alike.  

For the Dominant the challenge being in keeping the long tails together - hitting bang! bang! bang! one after the other in the same spot - keeping them together - preventing one from swinging off wildly catching bits and pieces not targeted.  

For the submissive - for me - the challenge is to get over the first few hits - to climb on top of them - because the gorean whip will take me to great heights - it will wrap it's tendrils around me and lift me ....... it will caress my skin with leather stripes..... it will thud against the tenderest of spots with a burning pain unlike any other toy.... it will hold me safe......... and take me straight over the edge into oblivion.

Through endorphin clouded eyes I remember looking over my shoulder briefly - to see W standing back - swinging the gorean with all his strength - feeling the thud thud thud as it bit into me..... closing my eyes and letting it's embrace carry me where it would.  

And then............ W was holding me close walking me around a sofa and getting me to plunk my ass on it.... to "sit" and "stay" while he went in search of more cold bottled water - rehydrate !!  

I didn't want to talk - didn't want to focus - didn't want to come back from the drug induced high.......... 

It was perfect - absolute perfection in pain.


swan said...

Congratulations. Sounds like exactly what has been needed for awhile. I'm glad the two of you managed to make it work... hugs, swan

Mistress160 said...

How perfect :)

viemoira said...

Sounds devine~ aside from the humidity. I get what you mean at the end~ adter a scene I always detach from everything to just be.

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