Saturday, September 11, 2010


About a week ago I plotted a new route to work. One that would keep me off the busy main streets and allow me to meander down tree lined streets filled with lovely big homes with even bigger flower beds. I play my classical music on my trips to and from school.......... and have found my stress levels are greatly reduced.

I pass 2 big churches, two other schools, and one big synagogue. It is a relaxing enjoyable 10 minute trip now.

Thursday and Friday were the Jewish New Year's celebration. (Shana Tova to everyone who celebrated!!)

On Thursday morning though, I was shocked as I came up on the synagogue to find it surrounded by fierce looking security guards. I thought something had happened. As I stopped at the corner I surveyed the situation and realized that nothing had happened. Religious observers were still filing into the building smiling and nodding at the guards.

I am assuming these guards were there as a precaution.

What has this world come to that we need security guards to surround our places of worship??? When I was a young girl and attending church every Sunday I remember having a sense of peace and calm and security.

This week as I watched the small children with their families filing into synagogue I wondered if they would ever feel the same sense of peace and security and calmness from worship.

It made me very sad that we have come to this....... in a quiet peaceful neighbourhood - so far off the beaten track!!

I can not help but think the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. And people wonder why I do not read newspapers or listen to the news broadcasts !!

There is a black smear along the peaceful road I take now..... that all the classical music and all the sunshine and pretty flowers will never be able to erase.

Teach peace - but surround yourself with guns.

It makes me sad.


viemoira said...

This is incredibly sad; with all the strides we've made with equal rights over the years it makes one wonder if it has been one step forward, two steps back?

Hermione said...

Yes, it is sad. My place of worship is always locked down when not actually in use for scheduled services, security alarms, windows in all the inner doors to guard against the occupants doing unspeakable things in their offices. Not a place of peace at all.


swan said...

It is a sad story and a sad contradiction. On the other hand, your daily journey through the neighborhood gifts you and them with moments of joy and peace and quiet appreciation. Always, darkness yields to light. You cannot chase the guns away, but you can bring your quiet spirit into the place. Who knows when that alone might be enough?

hugs, swan

kaila said...

It's sad but a reality. About 10 years ago I picked up a bullet after it came through a window at my synogouge.

anna said...

I noticed the same at a synagogue on my way to daycare.

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