Monday, September 06, 2010

Labour day Weekend

I always thought that Labour Day Weekend was a holiday for the "workers".


"Granny" cooked and cleaned and had the clan over for a barbecue. I was more than a little disappointed with the desserts I made though............

The Peanut Butter Cookie Cake was ugh.. dry and crumbled all over the place !!!

Though I noticed the girls did argue over who got to take the left overs home... guess they didn't mind the crumbly mess. They settled the argument by dividing the Peanut Butter Cake AND the Raspberry Cobbler between them.

I didn't mind losing the left overs on either dessert. The cobbler was just a bit tart for my liking...... and for some reason I thought I liked raspberries - but it turned out I was wrong!!

As much as it seems that all we ate were desserts......... not true... I had piles of corn on the cob............

And piles of new potatoes and barbecued pork fillet (thanks to swan from the Heron Clan for firing off the delicious recipe that we shared when I was visiting this summer) Unfortunately the "vultures" devoured the main course before I got to snap any pictures. I can confirm it was absolutely yummy - far better than the desserts!!

Today I am left with a pile of dishes to wash ......... and laundry - who knew the raspberry cobbler was gonna land up on everything - besides the plates !!

And just 'cause I am a proud granny............ here are my 2 youngest grandbabies gobbling down their corn.


swan said...

It all looks great, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time with your lovely family! Glad the "recipe" worked.

Hugs, swan

viemoira said...

Wow that all looks delicious!

Sorry you're stuck with clean up- I'm a firm believer in pitching in to alleviate the work when one hosts for me...

Sounds like some great family time! :)

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