Wednesday, September 22, 2010

guarding the gate

I had heard ........ even before I arrived at the new school......... about the school secretary. She was a being to be reckoned with. She was as terrifying as any witch in any children's story. She was mean and nasty. She was queen witch of the front office.

I wasn't worried. I have always had the attitude that the school secretary had probably one of the toughest jobs in the building. Soooooooooo.. before school started..on my first day there... I went to introduce myself. I was as charming as I could be..... and finished off by saying IF at any time there was anything I could do to pitch in... just let me know. That was the wrong thing to say !! I was told in no uncertain terms that SHE didn't need MY help.

So. I have simply stayed out of her way. AND when I did need to interact with her, I always bowed to her expertise (so to speak) I thought maybe I was winning the battle.

No I didn't want to be her friend - god no !! she is still a nasty miserable cranky woman - why would I want someone like that in my life??!! BUT I was hoping we had a sort of armed truce.

But I realize trying to work with her is a bit like picking one's way through a mine field. And it is unnerving and stressful

Yesterday when I returned to the building for the lunch period, she called me into her office with THAT tone she has. She announced I had missed a meeting !! AND god forbid... she had had to deal with the woman. I was at a loss for words, in my agenda the meeting had been set for Wednesday at 9:00.... not Tuesday at 9:30. I went back to my office .. found the original email with the date and time and sent it off to the monster in the office. She didn't even apologize.

Now she is on the war path because she wants me to get my own mail box... I have a perfectly good one in the main office... BUT .. she doesn't like how much mail I get.. I don't understand why it bothers her so much .. BUT.. she has decided I need one outside MY office. NOW.


My office is being painted. My play room for the kiddies is being painted. I have no access to those rooms during the day (except to crawl over everything and plunk my ass down at my computer and work in a 2 foot square work space) Nothing on the walls.. all furniture moved into the middle of both rooms.. WHERE in god's name am I supposed to put this mail box she insists I have. Never mind where am I supposed to get said mail box?!

As I sit here this morning downing my first cup of coffee and plotting the day ahead... I wonder if this monster in the main office has any idea how close I am to exploding! I have exactly 7 days to get the numbers ready for the government.. as well as learning a new accounting program.. as well as planning a play day (which I am leading cause I am a total nitwit ) on Friday.... as well as getting all the other little jobs that must be done each month, done.. as well as preparing for a big meeting on Monday night.

I am wondering if there is any truth to the myth that water makes witches melt........ cause I know exactly where to find a bucket.. and I can still get to the sink in the play room............


Hisflower said...

my boss is exactly like that- makes me crazy almost every day. i have images of his long, slow and painful death fill my mind..i guess for some people its just tooo hard to smile and be decent.

Dinora said...

How aggravating. If she's so competent how come a little thing like a letter box is annoying her! It always makes me wonder what she went through to make her like this. Best wishes for trying to solve the letter box problem.


swan said...

There's no reforming that sort of witch...
I say, "get the bucket."

Hugs, swan

Dae said...

If you require assistance, I can hold her still while you toss the water.

However you may want to stock up on some silver bullets as well since, well witches they don't tend to be that bad - but monsters DO! And monsters get upset when wet... Maybe give birth to more like Gremlins :S

If all else fails you may want to get a prescription for some mood altering drugs (happy pills) and put them on her desk with a note saying "BIG HINT"

viemoira said...

Well you could also try to get her outside for a bit. Perhaps a house will fall on her and you could make out with new shoes?!

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