Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tasks and learning curves

1) take the leather straps and bind your breasts tightly while you are on the computer
2) then when you are finished with the computer and ready for your bath/tv - then you are to take your vibe and cum twice - on your way to your bath you are to text message Me that you have completed your tasks.
3) remove the leather straps when you go for your bath
4) sleep well

The above was in an email to me last evening... and you guessed it....... Sir was out for dinner.

Now i love having my breasts bound.. it hurts like the dickens....... but it makes my breasts feel so hard and i find i caress them frequently during the time they are bound.

Now the other thing about this task - it took me back to one of the very first conversations i had with Sir.

i had posted a post to a mailing list Sir and i were on.. wayyyyyyy back ... about being single again.. and guessing that i would be doing self bondage. At the time i didn't know a damn thing about bondage.. other than silk scarves and headboards and sex. So i was just trying to be funny.

At the very next munch Sir approached me and started talking about self bondage.. and being careful and having a safe call in case things went wrong. He could have been talking Greek for all i understood !! Truth be told i actually thought He was pulling my leg. i had never heard of someone tying themself up.

Now after all these years i know so much more about bondage.. and even realize that people do indeed tie themselves up for the fun of it. BUT it is not something i have ever done. So last night's task was a bit of a challenge... more than usual.

i got the leather straps (actually they are suede) and i thought i can do this !!! i have watched Sir do it enough times. Yeah right !!! it is not as easy as i thought. The damn straps kept sliding off. Who knew i had slippery tits???!!!

i tried bending over from the waist - as i do for Sir... and wrapping.. and that's when i realized i have slippery breasts. i tried making a loop and sliding the breast in and then wrapping.. that didn't work either...... slippery slippery slippery.

Finally i just wrapped it once around held the end tight with one hand and then continued wrapping tight.. tighter.. tightest with the other hand. (at least as tight as i could get it)

i was proud of the job i did. They looked almost as good as when Sir does it. i caressed and they felt the same. So i patted myself on the back for a job well done... turned on the pc and started surfing.

i hadn't gotten to more than 2 sites when i felt the P I N G.. the strap on the left breast had slid right off........ and the right one was starting to slide too. UGH... back i went to binding ...
i think i must have had to bind them 4 times in the time i was on the pc.. what a pain!! and not the way it should have been. It is obvious i need lots more practice in self bondage!!

i will say i bound them nice and tight before i went to the bedroom to find the vibrator.... tight throbbing breasts are just the right foreplay for this lil subbie !!!!

And for those of you who would like to see a sample of my binding job....

didja see the nice lil bow i tied ?? i thought it added a nice touch !!


drakor66 said...

not bad but I seem to remember some tighter bindings you did of course that is just me. pretty bow

littleone said...

ahhh but drakor those bindings weren't self bondage were they??

but you will be pleased to know i removed the final wrapping much the same way you are familiar with... (cheeky grin)

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Scarlet said...

All wrapped up in leather and bows ....

So very much YOU! :D

Whitesnake said...

The bow is quite.........err titalilating so ta speak!

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