Saturday, March 21, 2009

Proud to be Canadian

Just in case you don't know.. i am Canadian... yup i live in the Great White North.
But i am more than just a Canadian.. i am a PROUD Canadian. Proud of everything we stand for...

The other day i received an email with a link to a YouTube video.. from a show called Red Eye - i believe - on Fox. i watched that video and my blood pressure soared.. i stamped my foot.. no both of them.. i wanted to reach through my computer monitor and slap them all !!!

How dare they make such awful tasteless jokes about the Canadian Military, and The Canadian Mounties. grrrrrrr my blood is boiling again when i think about it!!!

Unfortunately - i have never figured out how to embed a YouTube video into my blog... but here is the LINK... go watch it.. and then if you are so inclined drop a line to
The Red Eye show .........


Fox news ....


oh yeah....... Sir and i are off for a weekend away - at a train show - so play nice .. i'll see you all back here on Monday.......


taiah said...

I am also Canadian and it appalls me at the ignorance of the Americans when it comes to Canada. Many have no clue about basic things like whether we celebrate Christmas or if it snows here year round. I live close to ski hills and we have had people from places like Michigan come in the middle of the summer expecting there to be snow. Or the ones that ask you were you live and I will say something like Toronto and they think that it's a small town and do I know so and so.


jelly said...

Have fun on your weekend away!!

Scarlet said...

Not all of us 'Murricans are quite so ignorant.
I grew up on the border ... I love my Canadian brothers and sisters .... and THAT is really I view Canada ... a SIBLING.

I am disgusted, angered and saddened.
Somedays, it's really difficult and painful to be an American.
This is one of them.

Enjoy your weekend away!


Embedding a video clip - to the right of the clip you can see a blue box with the posters logo and some text at the bottom of this box you can see two lines of HTML script, marked "URL" and "Embed". Take your cursor to the left hand side of the HTML script marked "Embed" left click and hold down the button as you drag the cursor over the script, keep the button pressed as you take the cursor a little beyond the end of script box and you will see that the script scrolls left as it is all highlighted, keep the left mouse button pressed down until the script stops moving, the entire script is now highlighted. Move your cursor to any point on the highlighted script and right click, on the mouse, a mini menu will appear put your cursor over copy and left click. Now return to your new post composition page. place the blinking typing cursor where you want the clip to be within the post. Right click the mouse and a mini menu will appear. Left click on paste within that menu and the HTML code for the clip will appear on your new post composition page. The clip is then embedded in the post and should appear when you publish the post and/or click on the post preview link at the top of the page.

I have a had quite a few American friends and most of them are not like the people in the clip but if you want to have a good laugh at the yanks try using this address to view a clip.



OK the Brits can be just as bad


Serious Black said...

No sense of humour!


Obviously done by people who have no concept of reality!

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