Saturday, March 07, 2009

In case you all missed this bit in all the excitement of my new car............

This is Q & A month....

i am waiting for your questions...

ahhhhh come on folks.. some of you are new and haven't read ALL my blaterations right??


Anonymous said...

When you both retire, do you think you'll move in together? If so, which home will you live in?

Any more grandkids in the plans, that you know of?

Is there any activity that you've seen/read about that you're dying to try but are afraid to ask for?

Do you worry that your, or your Sir's, body will give out long before your desire for kink does? (I worry about that!)

Has there been any kink that your Sir has desired that you are unable to perform?

Have you both given up on the idea of having a third?

Is there anything that you have learned at your job that you've been able to use in your service?

Do you think you are more service oriented or pain oriented?

Coming to the states anytime soon? (namely to Upper Michigan?)


Buffalo said...

I was going to ask, "What is the meaning of life."

CarrieAnn said...

This has nothing to do with anything but...
Every day I ask myself...
I wonder why she chose that color to type in?



What decides the text color of the day?

Florida Dom said...

Here's a question about your two pussy torture photos. One has pussy hair, one doesn't. One has needles, one has a padlock so I assume they were done at different times.

Could you explain how much pain is involved, how much of a turnon it is, how often is your pussy tortured and how long do the needles and/or the padlock stay on. Any thoughts on the whole process would be appreciated. And if everyday life, are you usually completely shaved or do you have some hair the way you did in the one photo.


Over the years I have met a few Canadian kinksters, when they have been visiting this side of the pond. They very often seem to me to be less guarded about their lifestyles than we Europeans and even those from the USA. Is this a result of living in a less oppressive society? Is Canada, as a whole, comparatively more excepting of those of alternative lifestyles than other western countries?

I'm curious about CarrieAnn's question as well.


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