Sunday, May 04, 2008

Message in a bottle

A few years ago a gentleman passed through our lives here in the Great White North - a gentleman that set the submissives' hearts a flutter ..... He was a very intelligent gentleman who gave a lot of thought to his beliefs and his philosophies - especially on this life style.

i remember one rather long discussion He and i had about my piercing........ or i should say - my wanting to be pierced. Of all the folks that were involved in the decision He was the one who made the most sense to me........ and to this day - all these years later - His are the words that still ring in my memory.

He passed through our world up here....... made friends.. and moved on. i remember feeling an emptiness of sorts after He had left........ and though, yes we have emails.. we have phones - god we even have planes to take us to visit.... it never really happened.... things just sort of petered out.

Then .. very unexpectedly one day - He left a comment on this blog. i couldn't believe my eyes !!! Considering all the blogs on the internet.. He had stumbled upon mine...... and had left (as usual) a thought provoking challenging comment.

A few private emails passed between us and then again.. quiet....... and i moved on again.

Until yesterday - when what to my surprise - Sir told me this friend had contacted us again - to announce that He had started His very own blog............not fiction - but real life with his muse.............

i would very much like to introduce you all to "R" and his blog - visiting my muse
i have also added his link to the list on the right - under BDSM blogs

now in about 3 hours my day will be filled with 'brides-to-be" and 'grooms-to-be" and grand kids and a birthday luncheon and noise and laughter.......

Tomorrow bright and early Sir will be taking me for (hopefully) my last biopsy.... i am asking once again - and hopefully for the last time - that everyone who believes will clap loudly and longly ........... and that this indeed will be my last biopsy - my last treatment - for a long long time......... (hopefully never again !!)


Buffalo said...

The clapping has already begun.

T said...

The Heron Clan is clapping loud and clear....You should be able to hear us, right...about......NOW!

All crossable body parts are crossed!

Anonymous said...

As much clapping as we can muster from over here... May this be the last one necessary.


Anonymous said...

clapping very long and very loud- sending you good wishes!

Anonymous said...

Clapping so very loud and will scare the damn bad cells away!

swan said...

By now, you are hopefully, home and resting and the only thing to do is wait for results. That, I hope, will bring you the news you have been wanting. I am here, clapping with all the rest.


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