Saturday, January 19, 2008

It ain't fair.......

Last night .. by the time dinner was over and the kitchen cleaned up.. i collapsed in my chair exhausted.. i was good for nothing !! By 9pm i was begging Sir for permission to go to bed.. (now i ask you how much fun is that???!!!) But Sir took me up to bed and tucked me in.. and i slept for 9 1/2 hours !!!!

This morning - it became obvious - right quick - that Sir was gonna make up for the lost evening...

While i was toasting homemade cinnamon bread for breakfast, Sir came into the kitchen bent me over the counter and went at my ass with the crop like there was no tomorrow.... (strike while the iron's hot?? ) i was laughing (my usual stupid response to pain with no warm up ) and wiggling all around.. it took Sir pushing me down hard and tight on to the counter to get me to hold my place.. When He had finished with my ass.. He turned me over.. stood me up .. and had a go at my tits... i could barely catch my breath - in fact between the gales of laughter i managed to choke out a desperate plea "let me catch up!!"

It amazes me how Sir can move so smoothly from whooping my ass and tits to sitting at the breakfast table drinking coffee and scarfing down cinnamon toast.. i on the other hand am trying to slow down my breathing, and focus on the toast and coffee in front of me..

Today though........ Sir and i did have a little discussion to work through...... that of a check list of a new slave boy we are interested in.......... i am not saying more than that....... maybe i am afraid of jinxing the whole thing.......... but yeah.. we are looking .. and we do have a serious nibble.

Then Sir had to get cracking (and not with a whip .. shucks !!) and get out the door to work.. BUT .. before He left.. He had me sit on the stairs and He fastened some clamps - complete with bells - to my pussy (giving a whole new meaning to the expression "bell the cat")

i whined.. (yeah i whined.. they were / are tight.. and have to stay on until such time as Sir returns) Tell me .. is it fair???!!! that i have these clamps attached to my pussy.. causing the lips to swell and ache (simulating horny swollen pussy lips) and still expect me to do the laundry and get the floors moped?? Does He have any idea how challenging it is to walk with these clamps banging against each other.. how annoying the constant tinkling of the bells is??

Ahhhhhhhh right.. of course He knows.. and is exactly why He did it....... torture the subbie.. get her all hot and bothered and wanting more......... so when He finally does return.. (and dear god let Him return - not like last weekend when His mom had the fall and He had to stay home) this little subbie is just about ready to beg for anything He wants to throw at her........

Life ain't fair.......... but it is fun !!!!


Buffalo said...

Sounds as though your day is going a hell of a lot better than mine.

CLoud said...

My god what is that noise ? Could you please keep it down I keep thinking I am late for church services.

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