Monday, July 17, 2006


Words........ that's all this really is.. this blog of mine.. words. Words that tumble around in my head and need to come out... that is why this blog was started in the first place.. all the words words words!!!

i wrote the angel blog yesterday because i was feeling a little world weary .. a little frayed and a little cracked and bruised. Just more words that spilled out of me ........... i almost deleted that entry... almost!! i thought to myself 'that one was not very clear... ambigous and wordy and confusing.. delete it!' but for some reason i didn't... and i am glad i didn't.. the whole day turned around.. completely around ..

On a hot humid muggy July night our munch drew 20 folks. Twenty!! i could hardly believe it!! And there were 4 brand new people who came with questions and discussions and laughter. We all sat around the tables in the restaurant for over 5 hours talking and laughing and sharing.. and i realized the work.. the planning WAS worth it!! People do read the notices and do come out... and as much as i was feeling a little world weary .. a little frayed.. a little cracked and bruised like my fallen angel....... i was restored by that little group of adventurers!!!

And when i came home.. and i read the comments.. it is hard to find the words that can describe my reactions... i was embarassed (a bit) for my lack of excitement over yet another munch.. when there are those who live with no support group... no munches to go to to share and laugh and discuss (smiling and acknowledging dear swan) ... Buffalo was right when He asked "if folk tend to make things harder than they really are".. yeah i do Buffalo... sometimes.. (ok ok maybe lots of times).......... But best of all.. my words about a fallen angel had prompted a submissive who has never commented.. whom i did not know .. to send me a private email... quietly sharing her 'story' and quietly but firmly showing me that words .. my words.. do reach out and touch.. and move... making people laugh and cry and feel............... wow.. isn't that all anyone who writes can wish for.. to touch make people feel through words??!!!

i was .. to put it mildly.. humbled by the comments and the email............ i will never ever again forget the power of words... both my words and those that comment here and email me...

Thank you.

p.s... and for those of you looking for another entry to the Fictional Journey...... remember i only have to write a story a day when Sir is NOT with me ........ for those of you who have not yet grasped "our living arrangement" Sir is with me - generally - Friday to Monday........ but as He left last evening, i will be writing a little something today)


anna said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful turnout! If I could make it to each and every munch, I would. Then again, I don't consider myself as part of the bdsm community anyway, so I never feel so badly about not coming because I don't think I'm missed (that wasn't self-pity or fishing for compliments, just the way I perceive things). Anyway, glad you got a little boost last night. :)

Reflections and Ruminations said...

I think I've already told you how MUCH I enjoyed attending last night's munch and how VERY welcome I felt.

Smooches and huggles,

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