Saturday, July 29, 2006

Our special day...

June 2001 i knelt at Sir's feet and begged Him to collar me.... my heart was beating so hard and i was so sure i was going to be sick..... His answer " I will think about it".... He took over 4 weeks to "think about it".... and every hour of every day i was sure the answer was going to be "NO"...... On July 29th 2001 Sir took me and had me tattooed, brought me home and put His collar around my neck..... i was owned !!!

i realized not long afterwards that the month Sir took to think about it.. was time spent weighing the responsibility of what He was going to take on.... He did not enter into this relationship without much soul searching......... He is a man with scruples....... this was not a game ... this was for real.

Today we celebrate our 5th year together. The time has flown by...... we have weathered more than one or two storms.. a few health issues.. we have also grown together .. we have laughed together and we have loved together.

i want to say here and now... i am as proud today to be collared by this man i call Sir as i was the day the collar was first fastened around my neck. In my entire life i have never felt as fulfilled .. as loved.. as cared for ..

Sir......... You have given me wings to fly.......


  1. Anonymous9:08 am

    I'm so glad for you... I wish I could write the same... ;-))
    I hope your special day would be one to keep in memory... ;-)
    Just thinking that I can't even put a date about when that relationship started... ;-) and I wasn't collared in such nice fashion... but I wish I will... one day...

  2. Anonymous12:30 pm

    How beautiful! Happy 5 years owned, may you have many, mnay more!


  3. That was beautiful.

    Congratulations and happy anniversary! Wishing you many more happy moments together!

  4. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Happy Anniversary!

    There must be anniversary spankings to come, yes? :D


  5. happy anniversary, you two - i hope you get to celebrate many many more!

    keth & BP

  6. Many best wishes on your anniversary together. May you have many more years to grow and love and learn.


  7. Anonymous6:48 pm


    I hope you won't think me out of line, and of course you dont' have to answer, my curiosity is wondering why you and your Sir do not live together 24/7?

    alluring red

  8. That's a "so happy it makes me want to cry" kind of post. Congrats, littleone!

  9. many thanks to all of you for your kind wishes....... it has been quite a "road" we have travelled this past 5 years.. and i too hope for many more ....... this is a wonderful journey i am on with Sir...

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  10. alluring red:

    you asked why Sir and i do not live together 24/7..... the simple answer is.. work and family obligations...

    Also our lives have their own natural flow and ebb... and this suits our needs right now.....

    Sir does live with me from Friday to Monday....

    We have come to accept this phase of our journey together...

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  11. Anonymous9:29 pm

    I'm in awe of your relationship. Thank you for responding. I truly enjoy your journal Littleone!

    alluring red

  12. Congrats on your wonderful weekend. I miss Yyou both already and Montreal...well, I'm really just devastated to have left. Devastated.

    I'll be back!



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