Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bouncing Ball

It has been awhile since i posted a bouncing ball blog....... you are forewarned........

When we got home from our little vacation, i went to visit all my regular blogs.. check up on everyone and make sure you all played nicely while i was gone... one of my favourites .. and a dear friend... Cloud/drakor had not posted for much of the time we were away. At first i figured he was busy with home and family and life in general........ but when he didn't reappear over the weekend i called him ............. when he answered i didn't even recognise his voice it was so weak and soft. It turns out he was in hospital all weekend.. and is now being treated as an outpatient (from what little i could get out of him) ... He has a "blood disorder" which seems a very vague diagnosis........ but then i keep reminding myself he just wasn't up to talking... i can't get him out of my mind... he would be cross with me for "worrying" so i am NOT worrying!!! BUT i am thinking about him.. and THAT is allowed (small stamp of foot) one thinks about friends who are ill .. right???

AND i am a little frustrated with blogspot.. god love 'em.. BUT come on... it takes forever to load up the program "create new post" and pictures won't upload at all .. (i have to go through the back door so to speak) .......... now i know i shouldn't "bitch" about a program that is free.. that allows me to ramble on without censorship....... but still and all... can't we get this thing working properly once and for all??? (Now tell me that no one else is having this problem and i will panic cause it will mean my poor old pc which has been limping along for ages might just be really sick!!! )

AND then i just realized that July ends this weekend!!! Where the devil has the summer gone.. in exactly 2 weeks (give or take a day or two) i will be back in school!! i had such plans for this summer.. i bought 7 books and have only read 4....... i wanted to work on my secret garden and am only half finished.. i wanted to scrape down the basement windows and get them painted and i haven't even bought a scraper or sandpaper or paint......and i wanted to go and see my grandson play at soccer (play AT .. because according to his mom he hasn't quite got the idea of playing soccer yet.. he tends NOT to try and get the ball away from the other kids cause according to him.. "they had it first!")

AND i don't want to bitch about my task list from Sir cause being GOS He will probably ease the load....... and i guess i don't really want to ease the load...... just want to bitch about it.. a story a day while He isn't with me He said.. and i have been writing like crazy....... but i am running out of ideas...... AND (pouting just a bit here) i was getting encouraging comments on the stories.. BUT they have dried up.. soooooo if anyone is actually reading my stories.. can you give me some suggestions for story lines...... please???????? i went to the well and i think the well is drying up.........

AND i don't know why .. but there is a blog which will remain nameless who's owner/author drives me absolutely NUTS.... can anyone please explain to me why i keep going there to read what is written?? i need my head examined.. i just don't need the aggravation.. but something swan said about poor advice and jumping in without looking rang so true..... some sites/blogs just shouldn't be read by newbies.... and in my case.. some sites shouldn't be read period!!!

Now i really do believe i have bounced around enough....... i have a story to write and a house to clean and a dinner to prepare - Sir is entertaining this evening..........


  1. Sounds like you had a great lil vacation. i too, can't believe how fast the Summer vacation is going by. But must say i'm ready for my boys to go back to school. And it's not just you, Blogger is doing the same things to me. And while trying to post a pic. for my post the other night... Blogger decided to eat the entire thing. Sighssss. i was not a happy camper and i hope that it all gets sorted soon if i'm going to try to continue this blogging thing. Peace and be well my friend. Know that i'm still reading.

  2. Well I could go back to having your friend Big Bertha ( butt plug )visit with you several hours a day instead of the stories..

    Owner of morningstar

  3. Anonymous12:39 am

    If it's the cranky blog I suspect it is, I have a suggestion. Let's all simply delete the girl! She's beyond saving.



  4. i think its like a road crash, you know, you want to look. human nature. I do it too. and sometimes i wish i didn't.

  5. And just to add one more thing onto your overloaded summer plate... didn't we say we were going to get together sometime this summer?

  6. Anonymous11:03 am

    Hummm I knnow I'm quite paranoid this morning.... I just wish I'm not the person you are talking about... ;-((( I know... I'm pathetic!!!


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