Friday, July 28, 2006

ships passing in the night....

On July 16th - almost two weeks ago - Sir and i met at our monthly munch, a submissive who was visiting here from Texas. i sat with her most of the evening... thoroughly enjoying her company. She was funny (hysterically funny actually), intelligent, warm and friendly. AND she felt like a sister ! i thought how unfair that we will only have this one evening to laugh and talk....

But as the fates would have it... Sir and i managed to have her over for a barbque supper on Tuesday evening - nothing special such a quick barbque dinner and more time to laugh and talk and share. The early evening streteched into night.. and still we sat outside watching the flames in the little fire pit.. talking and talking..... i thought it would be our last chance to be together...

And then the talk came round to vibrators.. and her vibrator that could (she swore it could!) break concrete... and she mentioned how she hadn't seen /visited any of our kinky stores here in town......... Sir sat straight up... no one in the lifestyle comes here and doesn't visit at least ONE of our kinky shops.... Her schedule was quickly laid out ...could we fit in a shopping trip?? She is leaving on Saturday.. could we?? would it be possible??

Well as it turns out.. her exams (she is taking a french course up here - what else would a good southern Texan girl do up here??) would be finished by 10:30 a.m Friday ... Sir checked His schedule nothing booked.... and me?? well i am on summer break so i don't really have a schedule. So we are all off to visit at least Il Bolero this morning... maybe even Northbound Leather if there is time..

Then it will be time to say goodbye to this southern gal who graced our Great White North for such a short period.... i will miss her.. miss her smiling face.. her wonderful hugs. Like two ships that pass in the night........ i wonder if our paths will ever cross again............


  1. It sounds like you've made a wonderful new friend. I hope you keep in touch with her.

    Happy shopping!

  2. Anonymous9:11 am

    For sure you will... If the connection was so good and natral... you'll be in Texas at your next vacations... ;-)

  3. Here's to all of us hoping that Wwe really DO see each other again.

    with MUCH love and lots of smoochies,


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