Monday, July 31, 2006

Detailed weekend...

i had intended to write.. and did actually.. a detailed description of our anniversary weekend.. but blogger wasn't in a cooperative mood last evening.. and everything went poof.... soooooooo you all got the short "reader's digest" version... This morning i am feeling lazy and contented and have decided to try the "war and peace" entry again............

Ok first off.. my gift to Sir:
My gift for Sir was a carved wooden box (because wood IS the traditional gift for 5 years and we are just sooooo traditional dontcha know!!) Now before i go much further you have to understand my gift giving practices - at least with Sir..... i try very hard to give symbolic gifts.. if they are useful all the better. Inside the carved wooden box, this year i gave Sir a pocket watch.... because i have always maintained the very best gift He gives me .. is the gift of time.. (as well when we play publically He always removes His watch in case the clasp comes undone and the watch goes flying across the room........... the pocket watch can rest safely inside his pocket out of harms way) On the cover of the watch was a picture of an old steam engine (Sir loves steam trains!!) and to me it symbolized our "journey" together over these last 5 years.. and in the years to come...


The weekend:
Last weekend driving home from our little holiday at my brother's cottage, we stopped into Kingston for lunch, and some wandering about. We discovered that the old Fort there was going to have a military tattoo on July 29th. Sir bought tickets and reserved a room in a local hotel .. and that is where we headed this Saturday. We spent a glorious afternoon roaming around the fort (despite the pouring rain) up and down stone steps.. finding hidden stone rooms up long stone staircases

i am this history freak so needless to say my imagination ran wild.... and i didn't even blush too much when Sir had me stand in one of the dungeon rooms... lift my dress and take some shots.. (He does love the pics He finds of naked women out in public... god only knows how they do it!! truthfully!!)

Anywayyyyyyyy getting back to the day.. in the evening we went back to the fort for the military tattoo which was long.. way too long for my poor lil ass to sit on a hard wooden bleacher - 3 1/2 hours long to be exact!! But it was moving, watching the marching bands, the girls doing their celtic dances, the fireworks .. all of it... absolutely breathtaking!

Sunday found us on the road again.. coming home.. and i thought the weekend was finished.. glorious as it was.. i hadn't received the anniversary spankings kaya talked about in the comment section........... but i was NOT going to pout!!!


Sunday afternoon and evening:

Now back tracking just a wee bit.. on Friday morning we picked up our friend from Texas to go kinky shopping before she headed home.. while we were visiting my favourite shop Il Bolero, i found the most interesting new toy. Now you have to understand something about my toy shopping... when i am buying it for me... (rather than as a gift for Sir) i tend to try and find toys that are different.. we have floggers .. we have whips.. i look for something out of the ordinary... and i found this lil toy hanging all by it's little lonesome.. it resembles a black piece of hose...... not rubber but some sort of hollow rope. The handle is bound in tape, inside the hollow rope is a tubing of some sort that goes about one third of the way down.... at the very bottom of this 'hose' is a piece of lead shot. i offered it to Sir to try on my ass - to the delight of Johnny the owner of the shop - and i yelped quite nicely even through my slacks!! Sir gave me permission to purchase it.......

Now back to Sunday evening......... Sir had brought this "puncher" (my name for it) up to Kingston, but because of the late hour returning from the tattoo, and my already tired sore ass, it didn't get more than a few practice swings against my bare ass.... Sunday evening i brought the puncher to Sir and asked (ohh so sweetly) if He felt like really trying it out........ of course He agreed.... now i can honestly say this puncher is gonna be THE toy for lazy doms.. or tired doms.. Sir sat quite comfortably on the sofa and took a couple of practice swings... and OH MY GOD! what punch that toy has............ Sir said it left rather interesting marks on my ass - but i haven't seen the pictures.. i just know that it didn't take much for me to be wiggling around, then finally flopping over on my side and begging for no more.. of course after a little breather there were more!!! It was afterall an anniversary spanking.. something to be remembered !!!!


and that dear friends .. is the weekend in review........ the detailed version!

(and now i will go and answer some of the questions left in the comment section of the blog - for those of you who asked!!)


  1. Ahhh, sweet memories. :-)

  2. Anonymous10:21 am

    Sounds like an amazing weekend full of wonderful memories to hold onto forever.


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