Tuesday, July 18, 2006

on male submissives......

i have always maintained it takes a very strong character to be a submissive/slave. BUT these past few days i have been thinking how much stronger a character one must have to be a male sub!

Stereotyping tends to guide our preceptions... if one sees a male at a munch (let's say) one tends to assume first that they must be Dominant. (ok ok except for the few exceptions that give off very strong submissive tendancies... and yeah yeah i am probably sterotyping yet again!!) However my point is.. see a male and (ok ok !!! ) *i* tend to assume they are Dominant. One expects males to be dominant by nature. (god how bad we are!!!) i tend to wonder if this is why so many male subs tend to be switches.. to alleviate our misconceptions of male submissives...

Anyway.. that wasn't what i really wanted to get into today... i have been thinking/remembering the few times i have seen male subs at play parties.. public and private. What i have experienced for the most part is humiliation play - by dressing them up in frilly women's clothing. ok that is fine if that is what the male sub is into.......... BUT what about the male submissive who is a real masochist ??? Most female Doms i have watched don't seem to do much more than dress 'em up and parade 'em around....... how boring if you are a masochist...

A few weeks ago Sir and i went up to the private retirement play party, and i was fortunate enough to watch a scene between a female Domme and her male partner. i have known submissive 'd' for sometime now..... but have never actually been fortunate enough to witness a scene with him. i watched as his Domme strung him up on chains blindfolded, spread his legs with a spreader bar and reached for a flogger. His penis was flaccid and almost hiding. She started with soft slow strokes across his belly and thighs.... almost touching his penis but not quite.... i sat mesmerized watching the gentle flow of the falls from the flogger.. watching how she came ohhhhhhhh so close yet left him wanting. She changed floggers and the "game" continued.. so close yet not close enough. i watched while his limp penis started to rise to the occasion (shall we say). i couldn't believe it.. well yes i could.. but still.. it amazed me! ( 'd' is fortunate to be well-endowed and the scene was demonstrating just how well endowed he was. ) Still there was no direct contact with his penis just his belly and thighs.

i watched as she switched toys again.. this time picking up a small single tail whip of some sort (i don't know all the correct names for all the many different toys) and i watched as she lazily swung it back and forth across his belly and moving down.. ever downward until this time she connected with his penis. How do i know??? 'd' never made a sound, but he did go up on his tippy toes and was thrusting out his pelvic region towards her. i was fascinated - and couldn't look away. Over and over again this single tail nasty looking thing criss crossed his penis and balls. She stopped for a minute and reached out grabbing the end of his penis and pulling it towards her, lifting it slightly. (none to gently either!!) Then resumed the criss cross patterning over his balls. 'd' was rolling his head from side to side and even at the distance i was from them, i could hear his soft moans.

After a time she dropped the whip thingy back on the table and picked up a bag.. believe me when i say 'd's penis was no longer hiding, but standing straight up at attention. She knelt down before his penis and again lifting it with one hand, she proceeded to apply clothes pegs to the skin of his balls and surrounding area. Once she was happy with the placement she went back to the table and picked up the whip one more time...... This time she took careful aim and proceeded to attempt to knock the pegs off of 'd'. WOW what a scene it was! And she was good, more than one peg clattered to the floor while 'd' moaned even louder.

Eventually the whole scene ended with 'd' being lovingly and tenderly stretched out on a towel on the floor where she proceeded to finish the business of knocking the pegs off while 'd' masturbated.

Now that to me was A scene to behold. (not the masturbating !!! the whole scene!!! actually modesty made me turn away while 'd' masturbated - giving him privacy from my prying eyes at least!) i wonder how many male masochistic submissives were jealous that evening of 'd's scene........ and to be honest i counted myself lucky that no one actually SEES my arousal when the whip or flogger criss crosses across my ass........ how embarassing would that be.......

anyway...... all of this just goes to show me that a strong submissive male or female with luck will find the Dominant of their dreams - one who can give them exactly what they need and want............. not just frilly underwear.


anna said...

Wow! I can't believe I'm saying this (or thinking it, for that matter because I don't have a voyeuristic bone in my body), but I would have loved to have seen that. When you first mentioned that his penis started to "rise to the occasion", my first thought was that I would want him in my mouth. I'm definitely not Domme material. LOL.

Thank you for sharing.

Syrah said...

It is sad that some people (not all) don't take it further then what they can, especially after they have taken the time to dress a submissive person up for a 'special' occassion. There is so much more that can be done!

Is it laziness, perhaps, is it lack of imagination, geesh I hope not!

It takes a gift to bring the male submissive to that point that you wrote about in your blog. Communication is the key, and it seemed like his Mistress knew exactly what keys to push to get him to that point that all submissives seek for (once in a while *grins*)

Thank you for sharing these thoughts and this blog!!


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