Wednesday, July 26, 2006

High Noon

It is high noon...... and i wonder where the time has gone... i did tackle my "to do list" for Sir.... YAY! And i did try to tie myself into a pretzel all in the name of yoga and trying desperately to loosen up some tight joints... i did organise my business files (some what!) and i did pay some bills........and i did make and receive some phone calls... and yet i am surprised to see it is noon already.........

i did have one smutty thought today...... (ok ok more than one.. but one i am willing to admit to) ......... the word "slut".... it has always been a word that curls my toes ...... makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up...... and the one word that will make me want to slap someone SO BAD that i almost forget i am a good submissive.

"slut" as defined in the dictionary (and by my parents who planted that thought firmly into my psyche) is "a woman who is slovenly or who has many sexual partners". Now Sir says i am just this side of being obsessive / complusive about how clean and tidy the house is... so i am most definitely NOT slovenly.... i can probably count the number of sexual partners i have had in my life time on two hands........ i don't think that puts me in the "many sexual partners" category. So why is it.. someone please explain to me.. that a lot of Doms like to call Their submissives "sluts"?? Why is it that a lot of submissives see themselves as "sluts" - even if they really aren't??? Why does that word seem to have such a prominent position in this lifestyle??

Is it my age that makes it so difficult for me to accept this label?? not just for me but for any one i hear being called "slut"?? Is my mental picture of a submissive that different from others?? You see........ to me a submissive is the epitome of a "lady", polite, quiet, gentle, modest..........ok ok.. maybe the one difference is... a lady doesn't fuck..... she does IT modestly in the dark. Ok ok i admit it.. i have never particularily enjoyed doing IT in the dark ... i LOVE sex.. i love it any where...any how (don't get too worked up Sir.. NOT THERE and not that way!!) any time... i have enough vibrators (and batteries) and dildos to make sure that i never ever have to go without an orgasm!! it has been rumored that i have a dildo/vibrator to match just about any mood any woman would have........ (but the rumours exaggerate!!) and oh yeah, P... i do not have a concrete breaking vibrator .. though the thought intriques me!!

Does my love of sex make me a "slut"?? i don't think so. i believe it makes me a healthy happy woman......... so please tell me .. what IS it with that word???


Buffalo said...

It's your bias, kiddo. It depends on who is saying, when they're saying it and how they're saying it. Being considered a slut is a good thing. Who in the hell wants to do a madonna on a regular basis? Now that would be kinky!

magdala said...

a woman with the morals of a man. Or as I prefer to think of it, a reclaiming of a term that makes many women cringe. By embracing it, there is no stigma. It's a joy and love for an act only. Sometimes used for shock factor to declare oneself a slut.

And a real turn on to be called one by the right person ;)

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

I find the word slut, as with most words along that nature (bitch, cunt, whore) to be a turn on, when spoken by Master. I think it's the taboo of the word, and the naughtiness of it all.
Master will call me His slut, His whore. which implies to me, I'm the naughty girl with out inhibitions.

alluring red

luna said...

What does a slut mean to me?

A slut has 2 connotations. The one most recognized is a woman that is trashy and gives herself over to men indiscriminately for the soul purpose of her pleasure. This one is frowned upon in society and no one ever says they will grow up to be a slut one day. The second connotation is a woman of her own making, which enjoys sex infinitely more than just the pleasure of it. She enjoys variety in the men she pleases, and finds pleasure in things great and small. She takes pride in her appearance and carries herself with a certain air of confidence and sexuality.
S: Sexy. A slut of the second definition knows how to be sexy and not overdo it. She can exude sexual energy in small doses or lay it on thick with just a bat of her eye. A sexy slut loves her body, no matter what shape it is in, and wears clothing to show off her assets. A slut knows when to be sexy and when it isn’t appropriate.
L: Lustful. Not to be confused with sexy, lustful is a different persona within the slut. She can turn into a sexual animal with a mere mention of sex. She craves any form of sex she can receive at a certain time. Lustful also includes the way men respond to her. Without saying a word, men will follow her gaze, her movements through a room, because she commands it with precision and an invisible scent of desire.
U: Unforgettable. A slut of the second nature leaves an image in the men’s minds that she touches. She is an indelible mark that makes men lust her long after she is gone. A woman of the second breed can leave impressions, lingering memories, and desires to see her again all in one kiss.
T: Talent. A slut must have talent to tease, flirt, and attract men into her circle of attention without much effort. She learns and absorbs sexual techniques wherever she can find them and loves showing them off to others. The talent of a slut is with conversation, attitude and behavior as well as sexual performance.
Overall, a woman of the slut ilk of her making is one to be revered and worthy of holding on to. She is the one men desire when their home lives are sad or unfulfilling. She knows how to work a crowd or small party and get all the good attention on her, and keep it there. She loves sex and is willing to share herself with many, for the pleasure of them all.


SeaRabbit said...

Well... all that is making me a real, 100% pure slut... and I'm proud of it... ;-)) Life would be so boring and sad without that sticker I put on myself... ;-)

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