Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"The Great Adventure"

Today was a special day........ i had a "date" with my 5 year old grandson to go on a GREAT ADVENTURE.... no pressure granny!!!

It got me to thinking about what i used to do when i was a kid.. that was a great adventure.. and i remembered going to Beaver Lake (i am guessing at one time there were Beavers there ... but who knows??) There were ducks then and i remember feeding the ducks bread crumbs leftover from my picnic lunch... i remember the "mountain" that i used to climb - the one the kids used to say was a volcano ....... i remember my heart pounding as i climbed over rocks and tree roots lost in the greenery.. imagining indians hiding behind the trees waiting for little girls they could capture and tie up.... (perk perk !! tie up?? yes even then i dreamed of being tied to a tree)

So i was up early this morning.. packing a picnic lunch with memories and daydreams of days gone by.... preparing for our "great adventure" !!! Mid morning we were off.. giddy with the excitement of an adventure...........

C's feet barely touched the ground as we walked the pathway to our picnic spot by the playground.. my eyes were scanning the area.... disappointment causing my heart to sink... there were no ducks in the "lake" anymore.. they had been replaced by paddle boats - $8.00 for 30 minutes minimum 2 per boat........ the volcano looked pathetically small and ordinary.. the cabane where i had planned to buy ice cream cones was closed.... where was our "great adventure"???

i had only to take a breath and watch my 5 year old scampering along the pathway.. yelling back over his shoulder "follow me granny" ..... lunch was gulped down ... with great pleas to be allowed to run and play in the playground.. to have an adventure.....

Soon we were looking for dark pathways .. with rocks to climb and trees to hide behind.. "this way granny" "look and see what I found granny" "ohhhhhhhh come this way granny - look another hill to climb"........ oh to have the energy of a 5 year old again !!! They should bottle it and sell it ....... especially to tired ole grannies..........

We even found a guy on a bicycle selling ice cream out of the "box"... what an adventure !!!! and driving home in the car....... the day was declared a " GREAT ADVENTURE" and then my energised 5 year old promptly fell asleep.

(and for those of you looking for something a little more kinky than our "great adventure" i have posted to the photojournal)


RAheretic's swan said...

Hooray! Let's hear it for the restorative powers of five year old grand-kiddo's and for the magic of seeing the world through their eyes... Thanks for sharing yours with us.

hugs, swan

drakor66 said...

adventures can aways be found by youth especially when adults cannot see it
9:17 PM

Mistress Elle said...

Everything is new to a 5 year old. Everything exciting, and fresh. Just for a moment to see through thier eyes makes the world a more simple and exciting place.

Thank you for sharing this.

anna said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day with him. The entire post had me grinning.

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