Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Things that go bump in the night

When i was a little girl i was scared of things that went bump in the night.. of the bogey men under my bed.. the monsters in my closet.. the trolls under bridges.... Then i grew up.

i am not AS afraid of these things anymore (ok i admit it.. on a dark stormy night i still scrunch up under the blankets and squeeze my eyes shut tight ..... just in case!) Monsters and bogey men and trolls are not real....... right??? WRONG! Trolls are real.. alive and living on the internet. and it is something that makes me angry.. no more than that.. it makes my blood boil.

One such troll approached me via email a month or so ago..... and requested that i link his site to my blog. i wrote back politely and informed him that i had forwarded his email to my Sir and i would await Sir's approval before i linked to a stranger. Sir decided i had enough links on my blog...... and i heard no more from this Dom.

Then on Monday i received an email from this Dom and He informed me that he had linked my blog on his site and then added: " Nothing is required on your behalf, but if you are not already doing so a link back is always appriciated." Polite email..... but bothersome to me.. why ?? i can't explain.. let's just call it a gut feeling. i tend to have a lot of "gut feelings" (they come in especially handy in my job) Anyway i went to take a more thorough look at his site.......... and that is when i discovered that trolls are very much alive and well.

This dom raises my hackles.... He is everything i have come to fear. He is trolling for sweet young submissives/slaves.. someone who will take him in. He is unemployed, homeless and according to one bit i read .. sleeping under a bridge. (now if that doesn't spell troll !!) A lot of questions came to mind.. like how can he maintain a web site if he is unemployed and homeless. He has popped up on a number of blogs i read...widely spreading his personal web.

i don't normally blog about such creatures........ i shrug my shoulders and move along......... but this time i just couldn't move along. i have written to this Dom and informed him that i wish the link to my blog be removed from his site...i do not want .. nor do i need....an affliation with trolls.

There will be no more trolls under any of my bridges!!!


JordonA said...

aww you don't like me

MasterABD said...

Even if this isn't published, I ask that you please take the time and consideration to read this!!

Funny how you want no affiliation yet feel the need to insult me, clearly I am going to both make a comment here, then later speak about this on my own website.

First of all, obviously you only read a few of my postings, if that. Had you actually read my blog you would have noticed it has existed for quiet a few years now. I didn't "just start popping up".

Not only that, had you actually asked some of the blogs you read for a little information about me, many of them will tell you I have been around a long time. Blogs such as mistress V, Life as his, and gabbey surrenders were linking to me over a year ago, when I first broke up with my ex and ended up homeless.

Due to a vast ammount of lack of postings (I was homeless) they stopped linking (I will never again stop posting no matter what happens in my life). Had you actually read you also would have found postings of my REAL relationships with my ex slaves.

I am sorry to sound harsh but your words are insulting. I don't troll for girls. I had a girl stand me up, I was going to live with her, thats hardly trolling. I don't use my website to "troll for girls", I use it to educate. I think you are misinformed by a couple of postings.

Now let me try to answer some of your questions. Yes I live under a bridge at the moment (its actually only on nights I can't find a house to sleep in and a bridge despite the pun seemed the most logical place to not get wet in the rain).

I use our local publically library to access the internet. At the moment I am staying with my sister for a few days.

Yes I am trying to get a job but its very hard in NYS without a physical address to get a job. So get a physical address right? So I goto DSS (social services) and apply. Guess what, I am denied and told to come back in 3 months and re-apply. In the meantime I am screwed.

So a girl I have been talking to in chat offered me a place. A second friend said if that didn't work I could stay with her instead. The first friend stoof me up. No trolling going on at all, these were offers made by people who know me.

So rather then assuming things about me, my lifestyle, or my life how about either reading it ALL or emailing and ASKING me about it. Rather then warning people about "this new guys showing up on websites you read"

Your link has been hidden and if you don't have a change of heart based on this reply, then I will remove entirely in about a week. For now, no one can see it at all.

I certainly hope this posting has in no way offened you, as my intent was only to show you that I am not just a troll and I am not just a roleplayer. I certainly wish you the best of luck in life, and just maybe you'll contact me back about this trade.

Be well friend.

littleone said...

Master ABD........

You may be surprised to see that i did not censor your comment.. i have no need to do that........

i am pleased that you decided to "hide" the link to my blog.. however i think i was clear that i wish the link removed immediately.... and permanently.

You may be all that you are.... but i have the right to deny any affiliation to your site....

morningstar (owned by Warren)

annissa said...

you and the Heron clan both had things to say about the person in question that made me take a closer look...and I don't want any affiliation myself. Thank you for this post morningstar, if not for it, I might not have looked closer.


Hope said...

Good for you for spreading the word, morningstar. I for one am glad to know about this in case it ever came about that the Dom in question wished an affiliation with my site or blog.


RAheretic's swan said...

And all I can do is second THAT motion.


Anonymous said...

I am terrible about knowing who is linking and who to link back to. I have to remind myself to check once in a while. There is a certain type of blog that I cannot bring myself to link to...not because of any one person or any one blog, just a type that is difficult for me to link to for personal reasons. So I just don't link to any of that type. You do what you have to do to get by, that's all you can do. I know you cleaned up your links not long ago and as long as you and your Sir are happy with them, then that is all that matters :)


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