Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Fine State of Affairs


 Soooooooo I had an appointment booked this morning at 8am for a bone scan.  When they called me to book it I was annoyed........ enough with the appointments already!!! 

So when I got there at 7:45 I was a bit bitchy.  When they got me in the back and were getting ready to put the IV needle in my arm - I asked 'who booked this appointment?'  They told me and honestly I didn't recognise the name.  So I said "you'd think the doctors would share the results.  The nurse stopped and looked at me. "When did you have this scan done ?"  I said not sure - but sometime since the 7th of May.  She stopped what she was doing and headed off to the nearest computer.  When she came back she was full of apologizes - apparently this test should NOT be done more than once every 6 months or better still once a year...... and someone had booked me in for a test just 3weeks after the first one!!! 

I was sent home.  and all I can think is thank god I questioned the test - otherwise god only knows what would have happened....... (it was a radioactive  test - where they inject you with radioactive material)

Aren't the medical people supposed to be in charge?? supposed to be taking care of their patients? supposed to be making them more comfortable ???

Sitting here shaking my head.


  1. There is nothing like advocating for yourself. Glad you had enough bitchy in you to ask the right questions.

  2. There was a bad organization fault there. It is good that the nurse was on the ball, that early in the morning. A lot of people would not have been really listening to what you told them.


  3. Goodon you for asking Morningstar, and good on the nurse for being so onto it. A bad communication failure somewhere!


  4. Anonymous5:49 am

    You dodged a bullet there. Bravo for questioning the test.


  5. Oh, my gosh! I'm not sure that I would have thought to even question it. I would just do. Yikes! I'm glad the nurse was paying attention.

  6. Good grief! Thank goodness you spoke up! And thank goodness the tech/nurse was on the ball to dig a bit deeper.
    I'm sure it didn't help with your bitchy frame if mind though. Lol


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