Thursday, June 09, 2022

The lil one

 We have been honest with the lil one about what I am going through and she has been last week I wanted to dust the living room but couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the dusting spray........ So I asked the lil one ...... and she reassuringly got me the dusting spray,paper towels and said 'don't worry S I got this!' and I marvelled at how amazing she is.

Then my hair started to fall out.  And it kinda threw me.........


Every time I moved my hair would flutter down.......... get into eyes my mouth (if I was eating) my nose.  GAH .. it drove me crazy!  At dinner  Sir Steve told the lil one that the medicines I had been on were causing my hair to fall out.  She studied me for a minute or two then said " think of it this way S......... you won't have to go for hair cuts!!  AND you won't have to wash it all the time "  I burst out laughing!  She was so right !!!

Yesterday I had another consult - and while we were at the hospital Sir Steve took me to the gift shop and I got a pretty scarf .......... and Sir Steve and I made a date with his razor when I got home......... well when the lil one got home so she could take pics of the great shave off.  It is time I found ME again - losing my hair isn't gonna knock me down for long!!  And because I have nothing to worry about anymore - I am gonna post those pics that the lil one took........ of ME

the before shot



                                                           The finished product


  1. You have a wonderful support team around you. I agree with lil one, not having hair can be quite a convenience. I can just make out the pretty scarf. Maybe you should have one for each day of the week.


  2. Thank you for sharing YOU with us. It's amazing how kids can adapt and change when they realize the world no longer exists around them isn't it?

    I'm grateful you are surrounded by support and not stress. I agree with Hermione - time to hop on Amazon and buy a plethora of scarves. Not only for each day of the week, but to suit your moods!


  3. Thank you for sharing YOU Morningstar, bless the lil one. I'm so glad you have love and support around you, and from afar. We are all behind you.

    I agree, more scarves:)


  4. Sending light and love

  5. I like your family! I like that you're all pulling together. I've worried about the lil one in all this. It sounds like she is stepping up and being her best self. There is not a woman alive who hasn't thought of what it would be like to shave their head, but in reality we have to be pretty much forced into it. Enjoy it for all of us.

  6. It is nice to see you up and about even with your mind farts ( cleaning names, etc )... I am sorry I don't like your last photo although the other ones are fine with me..

    I am SO happy that you are with the littleone and Sir S helping you get over this little set back!!!!

    I hope you allow me to keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery....

  7. You have a great little family there. The lil one is amazing! She's got the right idea for sure. Summer is HOT. And I'll throw my vote in for a ton more pretty scarves :) Thank you so much for keeping us all updated.

  8. Welcome to the hairless club. It might not be our first choice, but it does take a lot of hassles out of life. One practical tip, if you were prone to dandruff before, like me, that will probably get worse now, mine did. When I shower, I still use a gentle shampoo, on my head, it does not have to be a specialist one. I have found that this helped stop the dandruff problem. Hope everything else is going as well as it can be.


  9. beautiful face of a courageous woman

  10. Anonymous10:37 am

    What Selkie said! I also vote for colourful scarves but just to keep your head warm. I think you rock the bald look. Hil

  11. Kids adapt so easily. I agree with Selkie you are a courageous lady. Happy that you have love and support around you.

    Love and hugs,


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