Monday, April 28, 2014

Today - updated

I am home.  The surgery went quicker than anticipated - which is a good thing.  I get the pathology report in 3 weeks.  For now - healing time...............


I got the call from the surgeon's office 2 weeks ago giving me my date for surgery.

On Friday, I had my pre-op tests -  I have to admit they went better/quicker/easier than other pre-op tests I have had.

And today - at 12:30 I am admitted to the Day Surgery ward.  My surgery to remove the tumour from my bladder will be approximately 2 hours later.  With any luck I should be home later this evening and can sleep in our bed........... with any luck.

I'll be back when I get here....................


  1. Good luck today! :)

  2. What your knot going to blog from the operating table??

    OH NO!!!


  3. Thinking of both you and W,
    Hugs always, Sharon

  4. I am imagining you getting home right about now, what with the time difference and all. Prayers for your speedy and full recovery have been said here on the left coast.

  5. Rest and heal morningstar. I'm glad it was swift and your back home.

  6. Morningstar, I am so happy to open your blog and see that you have shared this positive news with us. As Renee said, rest and heal. Call on the positive energy of the universe. Take care of yourself my luv, I know W will see to that.
    Sincerely, Sharon

  7. Glad it went ok and I hope for positive results!


  8. Glad to hear that you are home. Have a good bit of bed time :)



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