Monday, April 07, 2014

Lazy Sunday

I don't what has happened to my "work ethic" these days - but I seem to be having more lazy days than productive ones.

After lunch yesterday W told me he was going off to the hobby shop - then off to a little town near us to photograph their ferry.  He suggested that I go out and do some photography too.  I must admit when he left I felt a little blue.... I could have asked if I could go with him to photograph the ferry - but I thought maybe he just needed some alone time, so I kept my mouth shut.

Shortly after he left I gave myself a kick in the pants - gathered up my camera paraphernalia and headed downtown to see what - if anything - was going on.  Nothing.

But I remembered that I had "googled" deserted buildings in Kingston - and there was a barn on Hwy 2 in the east end of the city.  I took a deep breath and decided to head out over the causeway bridge and see if I could find it.

It didn't take long to find it.............. but unfortunately the winter took it's toll on the old building and it had imploded in on itself.  I drove past weighing my options..... I could take shots of it as is.........there might be some interesting artsy fartsy shots to be found in the ruble.  So I turned around and headed back ..................

On the way back I saw these cows standing around in the field........... It was humorous - well to me it was.  I pulled the car off Hwy 2 at the driveway to the farm........... put the emergency flashers on - changed lens and climbed out of the car.  As I started to walk up the driveway a short distance, I looked over at the cows.  They had been statues when I drove past - ignoring the world around them....... but as I walked up the driveway all heads turned to survey me.  Talk about feeling like I was under a microscope.  They didn't even blink.  I wonder why folks would raise long haired cows - seems to me they would need brushing and trimming???? but they were interesting to see - nice change from the ordinary cows one sees all the time.............

I shot a couple of shots then climbed back in the car to head back to my imploded barn.  When I arrived at the driveway to the barn I noticed two things right off - 1) there was a huge load of new wood just off the driveway close to the barn (so - not deserted anymore) and 2) that there was a car in the driveway.  

I slowed to a crawl hoping to see the driver of the car around and find my courage and ask permission to shoot the barn.  Unfortunately no driver - but I did see posted "No trespassing - private property" signs.  I turned the car westward.

Ok so no barn a couple of shots of some long haired cows - hardly worth the trip.  Right then!!  Let's not waste the effort/trip....I would go to Portsmouth Harbour and see if there was any action going on there... even just some birds/ducks.

BUT the harbour was empty of life........ cold and frozen............. I shot a couple of shots

 and headed off again......... thinking I would make one last stop at Lake Ontario park.  Why I thought I would find something interesting to shoot there is beyond me... you can see from the above shots the lake is still pretty well frozen......... and the 10 minutes or so I was there *I* was pretty well frozen too.................. 

Lake Ontario Park was worse than Portsmouth Harbour - as there were only about a half dozen parking spots - and rivers of  winter run off to forge through to get to the lake...... never mind the icy cold wind blowing off the lake............

Not to  be put off by rivers of water or icy cold winds I made my way down to the shore to snap some pics................ 

good lord - just 7 months ago W and I sat here while the grandboys skipped rocks in the water - and walked along the stone "wharf" for lack of a better term..............

That was it for me... with icy fingers and frozen feet I plodded back to the car - eased it out of the parking lot and headed home........... vowing NOT to venture out again until the snow is gone - the ice has melted and the temps are well above 10C.


  1. Morningstar, Loved the pictures. I am a city girl. I have never heard of long haired cows, do they give milk? Moving on, I thought the pictures of the water (rippling water and object in water) were very good. I love the movement of water. The bridge picture with a person on the far right was also very interesting. Your pictures would be great for scrap-booking, just an idea. Hugs, Sharon

  2. Sharon - I am a city girl too - hell initially I thought those cows were bison LOL... so I have no idea what they give - if indeed they give anything.

    As for scrapbooking - used to do it long time ago - and I am the type of person - once I have mastered something - and done it to death - I don't go back. IF you do scrapbooking and would like to use any of my pictures please feel free :)


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