Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Did you know that decadent means "having low moral standards and interested only in pleasure"??? I thought it meant sinful - and I always associated the word with chocolate - BUT - I had to check the spelling (cause it just didn't look right - know what I mean) and that is how I discovered the true definition.

Ok that isn't really what I had planned to write about...... BUT yesterday was a truly decadent day. A tease. A promise of what is to come. A trickle of dark decadent chocolate sliding off a spoon and down your body - with a tongue just waiting to lick off the excess.

It was sunny and hot here in my corner of the Great White North. I was up more or less at the crack of dawn....... threw some laundry in the machine and headed outside to work on my back garden. I trimmed, I weeded, I turned the soil, I got dirty and sweaty and it felt absolutely delicious.

I was so inspired by the sunshine that when I finished the gardens I dragged the umbrella outside, the cushions for the wicker furniture, hung the oriental stones, hid the fairies under the bushes and re-invented my secret garden for yet another season.

And then I raided my stash of summer reading and curled up outside under the red umbrella and read and drank coffee and relaxed and felt absolutely decadent.

Unfortunately I had to return to work today...... yesterday was just a little tease. But anticipation is a good thing, a very good thing. In exactly 5 and 1/2 weeks I will be free to indulge my decadent desires all day - every day.



Florida Dom said...

Hope those five weeks go by fast so you can indulge your desires. Be sure to share them with us.


Mr Upton Ogood said...

Ok...just 'cause I'm one of those intrusive folks who ask questions the answer to is none of my business: what did you wind up selecting as your prelude to summer reading? (It's not nearly as annoying as what's your sign, yanno)


Baby Girl said...

Now THAT sounds like a truly lovely and, yes, decadent day! Good for you... :)

Take care,
Baby Girl :)

Raheretic said...

swan will return to school tomorrow after our little mini-vacation trip to the OBX. She has three days when she returns to school this week and four days next week (Monday is the Memorial Day Holiday)
and then she completes yet another school year:)

Hmmmm............now on to our entertaining guests visiting us this summer:)

All the best,


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

morningstar said...

Mr. Upton Ogood - LOL...you know i LOVE your questions.... the answer to this one is... Smash Cut by Sandra Brown (never read her before) and I must tell you - I read silly mystery novels all summer long.. nothing heavy at all

Raheretic: You are SUCH a tease on two fronts... swan's starting summer break wayyyyyyy before me.. and the .. what shall we call it.. anticipation??!!! TEASE!!

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