Thursday, August 07, 2008


We are due to head off to our BDSM summer camp on Friday morning...........

Now don't get me wrong.... i love camping.. i really truly do.. but i am what they call a "fair weather camper" .. i do not DO camping in the rain .. the cold .. the muck.

This is my idea of ideal camping.........

with sunny days.. swimming pools and hot tubs.. and oh yeah.. a whole group of kink related friends to share our time with...............

This is more likely my reality.............

The last time we went to camp (two years ago - because last year i managed to get the flu the day we were leaving.. ) it was so cold .. so damn cold that i wore sweat pants with leggings.. wool socks.. turtleneck sweaters with hooded sweatshirts over the top......and slept in the same clothes i wore all day.. cause it was even colder at night !!!

All the wonderful equipment that just screamed "use me" went to waste - for the most part.. the little play that Sir and i did .. was done with me in my sweat shirt.. sweat pants and leggings down around my knees.. with my teeth chattering......hanging rather unceremoniously from the cross ....... the minute the session was over.. up came the leggings and pants........ and the shivering was not from a fun session - oh it had been fun sort of - but the shivering was from trying desperately to get warm again........

Sir went over the toys with me this past weekend - packing all sorts of fun toys - and images danced around in my head..... and then screeched to a halt when i thought about all the clothing i would pack.. because.......... the long range forecast is for rain and cold.......

Sir says we will make the best of it..... i say .. pack the heaters and the comforters and the sweat pants and the woolen socks !!!

and i know i am sulking and NOT being a graceful serene subbie.......... but i had such high hopes for this summer holiday...... shoot me now.. honestly .. i shouldn't have any sort of hopes... never mind high ones..........

This weekend camping was to be the highlight of the summer... my last time alone with Sir before school starts again....and the next wedding swings into high gear..... the next weekend He is off on a train convention thingy ..soooooo this was it.. the BIG shoot me for wanting to have a little fun.. a whole weekend of fun.. not a bit here a bit there - where we can wiggle in some BDSM time..

i will now take my sulky pouty whiney self off and organise the last of the camping gear...

Everyone say a prayer or two that the summer gods find it in their cold hearts to make the sun shine at least for one day!!!

oh yeah and never fear...... i have written a few posts scheduled to come up each day we are away........ just so you don't all forget me (cheeky grin) now how could you forget me??!! and all my profane (oooooops that should read profound) words??!!!


  1. I feel for you guys , perhaps try winter much easier to brush snow off and subs turn such a nice colour in teh frosty air.

  2. I really do understand that longing for some sustained time that is just "for you" without distractions and hurdles to be handled.
    Here's my wish that the weather "guessers" have got it wrong and your weekend turns out to be glorious in every possible way.

    Be safe as you travel.

    Hugs, swan

  3. Unless Environment Canada does a hell of a lot better job over there, I'm guessing you're in for beautiful weather.

  4. Anonymous2:24 pm

    lol... im sending all kinds of good thoughts and wishes your way for beautiful weather for your trip.. i cant wait to hear the stories when you get back! have a blast!

  5. This post conjured images of people trying to fit restraints over muddy wellington boots, nipple clamps being used to hold on warm fluffy nipple warmers and people combining gimp masks with colourful long woolly scarves.

    Thinks - Is there a gap in the market for cold and wet weather BDSM gear.

    Hope the weather turns out better than expected.



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