Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning Report.....

i honestly was expecting to have a Monday Morning Report ........... Sir had said Sunday would be spent (at least part of it) down stairs in the play room........ However.. life happened.. as is often the case...... and Sir got called away for the afternoon........Even at that.. He had plans of being home by mid afternoon or so.......... BUT .. as it happened it was after 4 when He returned.. and by the time He had settled in.. it was almost time for me to prepare dinner... soooooooooo all of that to say... there was no play room time yesterday afternoon.........

Now that was more of a problem because in the morning Sir had offered me a little tease.. a little appetizer of what was to come...the sea grass flogger and the crop...and oh my god .. my brain and body were there.. THERE.. ready... vibrating with the need for the play room.. for the hooks from the ceiling.. for the multitude of toys hanging - waiting on the walls.... for pain that left me limp and sweaty and sated.............

But then .. that is the life of a subbie/slave.. instead of hanging from the chains.. i was pushing the new (yeah yeah another NEW vacuum) cleaning up all the sea grass that had sprinkled the living room with remnants... and then - because i do love a freshly cleaned room to play in.. i vacuumed that too.. and did a load or two of laundry.. cleaned up the back patio....... "subbie is my name - service is my game" (but more about that another day)

This is not to say i didn't get any play this weekend........

On Friday night Sir stuck needles in... and more needles.. and then even more needles.. until my ass was covered in pokey pricky needles.. He was having fun slapping the needles once they were in... running His hands over them making them sway.. and making me moan and wiggle

i have to add here.. Sir leaned down at one point and whispered in my ear.. "my porcupine" and my head shot up.. and i looked at Him with hurt eyes.. and realized He hadn't thought about the choice of words.. and He kinda grinned at me.. and i started to laugh.. and said "YES .. i AM Your porcupine" and all was right again
(you see .. during one of the rough patches in the last couple of weeks.. i was called a porcupine.. and not in a nice way !! )

Then Sir slipped between my legs and played with my cunt.. teasing it.. making me moan and wiggle more.......wanting/needing/craving an orgasm.. with just the smallest of fleeting thoughts about how i HATE sex when i am stuck with needles.. i am always so worried of being permanently impaled........ BUT ... Sir was going at me.. in and out.. and around... and i was spreading my legs as far apart as i could and trying to sort of get up on all fours (not something i really can do when i am needle and pinned ) and so there i was in this most unladylike position.......... and in my mind's eye i thought ..forget porcupine .. i must look like a frog.............

And of course i was begging to cum...... and cumming as fast as the permission was given.. hard and long .. with my body flopping about.. and the muscles spasming..

and once i have cum.... it's like ok.. enough now.. don't touch.. go away.... (what happened to the multi-orgasmic woman i once was?? where did she go?? and WHEN did she leave??)

Sir decided to have some fun.... and so He went back to the cunt.. to torture it.. and oh my god.. who knew two hands could be in so many different places .. doing so many different things.. all at the same time..

my jewelry was being tugged and twisted and flicked..
my pussy lips were being pinched.. and twisted.. and pulled wide - wider - and wider apart..
up and down my pussy lips Sir's fingers slid.. twisting and pinching and pulling and tugging.. until i was near to explosion.. and wiggling my ass so unladylike at Him.. wanting Him to thrust into me one more time.. to put this teasing to an end.............

BUT at that point Sir noticed that one of the needles had popped out .. or broken.. there was a drop of blood running down my ass.... and it was like some one hit the "OFF" switch.. we were both looking for the needle.. what with animals in the house we didn't want them finding it.. or walking on it... or even worse god forbid eating it !!!

The session ended rather unceremoniously.... and we never did find the needle..


  1. Sorry to hear about the needle but boy certainly would like to see a picture of you in that frog position you were in. You must have been so sweet looking

  2. You surely find ways to complicate things.


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