Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Under one roof

Well we are all under one roof........ 

Miss Ashes is not exactly thrilled with the idea -- but after being mostly alone for 2 weeks and then being forced to tolerate a 2 hour car trip -- living under the same roof with the 'monster' (better known as Lady the black Lab) isn't SO bad!  (Wait till she finds out she's moving to yet another house in a couple of days!!)

It was another long day for me -- drive into Kingston -- pack up the last few things -- pack up Miss Ashes things -- load up the car and head back to Sir Steve.

The first few hours Miss Ashes' spent under our bed .... but she eventually snuck out -- ate a little bit -- and then with some firm coaxing joined me on the sofa.

Life is good -- we're all under one roof!

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