Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Life Keeps Getting Better

First thing yesterday morning I went to the drugstore to get something for the bug bites.  I got a cortisone cream, antihistamines, and DEET.  The itch is easing -- the swelling in my finger is down -- and my ankle is slowly improving (yeah I had one there too!!)

Then - about two weeks ago I put an ad on Kijiji to try and sell my dining room set but never heard a thing - until yesterday when I had 3 emails from people who showed an interest.  One chap was very interested and insistent.  He wanted to come in the afternoon and pick it up.  I gave the ok but as the day went on I thought to myself 'how foolish is this?? letting complete strangers into my house??!!"  I messaged the superintendents here at the building and they said one of them would come down and be with me while he looked at the set.  He came with 4 buddies right on time and the super showed up almost immediately.  The guys loaded up the set and moved it out....... and I had money in my hand!  (I had given up hope and was going to give it to a charity) 

And in case my day couldn't get any better ........ the doctor's office called to tell me the cancer test I had a couple of weeks ago was negative!!

Life does seem to keep getting better and better 

And that is a very good thing!


Subone said...

I am so happy your cancer screen was negative. What a load off your mind. Now just focus on having a good time at the camp grounds.

Downunder Don said...

Some days are good days....and some days are better days

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