Saturday, April 15, 2017

What to wear -- what to wear?!

Once upon a time a long time ago --

ok ok so 3 1/2 months ago --

 I asked Sir Steve if he had any preferences on what I wore.  And because he wanted me to get even stronger and more confident -- and not look to him for 'orders' as I had become accustomed to doing - he told me he only wanted me to be comfortable. 

Over the 3 months he has dropped some hints -- but me being me with my head in the clouds -- I didn't pick up on them. (You really do need to bang me over the head sometimes!)  BUT he did say one day when I was wearing a long tunic top with leggings that he really liked my outfit -- liked seeing my legs.  And that stuck with me.

Then for date night -- I decided to go all out and wore a thong and a garter belt and stockings under a pretty dress..... oh yeah and I added heels too.  He was  -- from my vantage point - pretty non-committal about it.  

And it bugged me.

And so I brought it up with him -- in a cheeky manner with a wiggle of my ass -- and he told me that he HAD noticed and had run his hand up my leg.  (Was I supposed to know that was his seal of approval??? like I said 'slap me upside the head') And then he reminded me how -- the first time he came for a visit and I asked what he would like me to wear -- he had answered "no underpants".  AND how he hadn't said a word about it -- but had groped my ass when he arrived to see if I had done it.  (see me smiling?)

And so when I went to pack the suitcase for this weekend away (yes yes we are actually away for Easter -- and you are reading this thanks to the ability of being able to schedule posts to appear like magic) I packed dresses and tunic tops and leggings.  I happen to love wearing dresses and leggings and short tops -- they aren't as comfy as jeans and baggy sweaters -- but ya know what? They do make me feel sexy and skinnier and good about myself!  

I do believe dresses will become much more widely worn from here on in -- and that my friends is a very good thing!

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